Who doesn’t enjoy listening to the pitter-patter of rain drops during a summer storm, or the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance?  Don’t you love an evening thunderstorm where the sky lights up with magnificent bolts of lightning streaking through the atmosphere?  To most people, these sounds and smells of a cleansing summer storm are relaxing and inspiring.  To people with a leaky roof…they have a much different thought process:


Sometimes, however, homeowners aren’t even aware that there is a problem until enough water has seeped into cracks and crevices and damaged their structure.  A roof that leaks needs to be dealt with immediately so water damage and expensive repairs are avoided.  Roofs and skylights in bad repair can let moisture and water into your home which, in turn, is a breeding ground for mold.  Your attic is the perfect habitat, lending warm air, humidity, and moisture to enable the growth of mold spores.  Also, since warm air rises, a skylight that leaks can quickly turn into a mold-ridden ceiling.

If you have a skylight that leaks, the water can seep under the protective barriers of your roof and into your ceiling causing mold to grow.  Your choices are to hire a roofing company to handle the repairs or you can tackle the job yourself.   If you are handy with tools and have a bit of patience, here’s how:

You’ll need work gloves, a ladder, shingles, aluminum flashing, tar paper, a nail gun, utility knife, and a caulking gun and caulk.  Additionally, you’ll want a pry bar and a 5-gallon bucket.

  • First, with safety in mind, haul your tools and equipment up to your roof.
  • Use the pry bar to remove all shingles within a 1 or 2 foot area around your skylight. Toss all debris in the 5-gallon bucket
  • Cut through and remove any underlying material with your utility knife until the plywood is exposed.
  • Lay new tar paper on the plywood and aluminum flashing around the skylight frame. Use the caulking gun and caulk to secure the flashing.
  • With your nail gun, install the new layer of shingles.

Most skylight leaks are a result of the flashing coming undone.  This simple repair will seal the skylight as it should be and repair the damaged shingles around it.

If the damage has already been done, and mold is now growing in your ceiling and walls, then give us a call at Restore Pro.  We understand the health hazardous of mold as well as the damage it can do to your property.  We’ll rid your house of mold and repair the cause of it so you have a safe shelter over your head once again.

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