How Do You Know If Mold Is Making You Sick?

Finding mold in your home can be a shocking experience. Not only can it present a health risk to the occupants in your home, but it can also be costly when it is toxic black mold. While some deaths are exacerbated by mold exposure, rarely are they contributed to it directly because the diseases are [...]

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The Hidden Dangers Of DIY Sewage Cleanup

As a homeowner, your first thought when an emergency occurs is to minimalize the damage. As a business owner, I understand the response, but when it comes to sewage backups, it could also be deadly when trying to take it on alone. Here are the hidden dangers of DIY sewage cleanup. Wastewater Is Hazardous When [...]

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Worried About Mold Growth In Your Laundry Room?

Laundry rooms are the ideal environments for mold growth as they have both heat and humidity that allow any fungus to thrive. As it spreads, it poses a direct risk of exposure to allergies and illnesses. If you’re worried about mold growth in your laundry room, these mold remediation expert prevention tips will help you [...]

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7 Landscaping Tips To Prevent Basement Water Damage And Flooding

Residents in the U.S. have seen some unusual weather patterns in the last two months. From the 340 tornadoes stretching across the country’s midsection to snow and violent thunderstorms, they’re pretty good indicators that it’s time to do a bit of landscaping before Mother Nature heads our way. Here are seven landscaping tips to prevent [...]

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Water Damage Can Be Expensive

We find water damage is one of the worst problems our customers face.  Home owners are often not prepared when it happens. And then one day your programmable dishwasher goes crazy.  It spews dozens of gallons of water out across your kitchen floor before you realize the trouble!  When you do discover the disaster you [...]

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An Overview of Mold Remediation

Restore Pro has worked with hundreds of customers who have found mold inside their home or office. Here is a basic overview of the problem and solution. Its always best to hire a professional mold remediation company like RestorePro to fully remove mold from your property. What Are The Usual Characteristics Of Mold? The most [...]

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Reasons Why Immediate Fire Damage Restoration Is Critical

When a homeowner experiences the devastation of a fire, it’s more than about property values. Your home often represents the culmination of your life’s work, family memories, and a long-term financial investment that does not end when a fire occurs. It’s the very reason why you shouldn’t put off a call to Restore Pro for [...]

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Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage Restoration?

According to Realtor Magazine, one in fifty homes filed a claim with their insurance company for water damage, which is the second leading cause behind weather-related accidents. While most reasons for claims have remained unchanged, more homes are experiencing leaky pipes than ever before. So, does your home insurance plan cover water damage restoration? You [...]

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Most Common Causes of Sewage Backups

As a homeowner, there are few things worse than a sewage backup which happens anytime there is damage to the plumbing system or when blockage of wastewater occurs. Sewer backups also take place externally and interiorly, so some problems are difficult to detect before an overflow takes place. Damage is often severe as it leads [...]

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