Most Common Causes of Sewage Backups

As a homeowner, there are few things worse than a sewage backup which happens anytime there is damage to the plumbing system or when blockage of wastewater occurs. Sewer backups also take place externally and interiorly, so some problems are difficult to detect before an overflow takes place. Damage is often severe as it leads [...]

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Where to Start When You Have Mold

Finding mold in your home or business is never a pleasant sight. After your initial response, you’re probably wondering what to do next, whom to call, or how much the mold remediation costs. Here’s an advice Q & A in case you don’t know where to start when you find mold. What Is Mold? Mold [...]

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5 Reasons To Call RestorePro For Trauma-Related Biohazard Cleanup

Dealing with the unexpected death of a loved one is challenging for families. There are added safety issues when a traumatic event occurs inside the home which is why having access to biohazard cleanup services can be beneficial in such circumstances. Restore Pro technicians are also IICRC certified, so you gain the support of discreet, [...]

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Is There A Difference Between Mold Removal And Mold Remediation?

Mold, to some degree, is found everywhere in a home or business. When they are in a dormant state, they are controllable. When there is an abundance of moisture or humidity present, or you experience flood damage, the likelihood that you will need mold remediation rises.While people agree that a mold infestation is hazardous to [...]

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Steps To Take Before Your Business Experiences Commercial Water Damage And Mold

Commercial business owners are all about prevention and maintenance to lessen the risk of unexpected costs. Most especially since many businesses are forced to close down during water damage repairs or mold remediation, looking for the warning signs is vital to lessen a business’s losses including financial, unpaid employee work days, or customer and vendor [...]

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How To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Carpets

Whether you experience smoke odor after a fire or have cigarette smoke permeating in your carpets, it can be a difficult smell to remove. Most especially if you have already tried smoke odor eliminators, it may be time for you to try a different method to eliminate the odor fully. Here is everything you must [...]

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