Rebuilding After Fire – Fire Safes and Critical Documents

We know firsthand how devastating fire can be to your family, we’ve seen it so many times. And while we can restore your home, we can not restore valuable personal papers. That’s why we recommend that every home has at least a small fire safe capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and structural damage. What valuables [...]

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Hidden Danger – Improperly Vented Bathrooms

Improperly vented bathrooms are a huge source of moisture in the home. Hot steamy showers create plumes of vapor and it must go somewhere. The safest place for it to go is outside. But if your bathroom vent isn’t installed properly that moisture ends up where it’s most dangerous, your attic. Hidden spaces make for [...]

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How Much Does Sewage Cleanup Cost?

If you are one of those people searching online for how much does sewage cleanup cost, you’ll find it difficult to find an exact answer because there are several factors that dictate billing. So, here’s a few important questions to ask about sewage cleanup that affects sewage cost factors. How Do Sewage Spills Occur? Sewage [...]

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Most Common Causes For Commerical Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can ravage a property within minutes leaving behind a trail of death, destruction, and financial loss. A fire within a commercial setting can also have a long-lasting effect on business owners, personnel, and customers, which is why risk mitigation is so critical to daily operation stability. Because of how commercial properties are built, [...]

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Does Insurance Cover Fire Damage Restoration?

Whether you are a business owner or manager, safeguarding your investment with fire protection insurance is a smart decision. It certainly comes in handy if you experience a commercial fire since the Insurance Information Institute estimates that financial losses average about $22,244. For businesses that lack the funds to rebuild, insurance also provides security when [...]

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Warning Signs Your Home’s Foundation Needs Water Damage Restoration

Protecting your home or business from the elements is a daily battle. Not only is it important to recognize the signs of land and structural deterioration because of water damage, but it is also vital to understand how to take corrective measures to prevent future foundation breakdowns.  Here are the indistinct warning signs your home’s [...]

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Is Sewage Cleanup Even Possible?

There was a funny smell in the air while you were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner last night. When you were showering this morning, the water was draining so slowly it  puddled around your ankles. You flushed the toilet just before you left home and noticed that water bubbled up in the bathroom sink. [...]

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My Hot Water Heater Ruptured, Now What?

As a homeowner, you take pride in your house, insure your possessions, and work to keep your home in tip-top shape.  Everything is running smoothly and then, bam!  Your hot water heater fails.  Water has flooded your basement and your lovely furniture and belongings are sitting in inches of a daunting disaster.  You’ve called the [...]

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