Why Your Carpets Are Susceptible To Mold

Think about how much contact your family makes with your carpets. From dirt to juice spills, mold growth is quite common in surface areas that have access to moisture, oxygen, dust, and food sources. Your carpet then becomes a breeding ground for spores that come into contact with these conditions which is why it grows so suddenly and quickly. The more moisture or dampness a location, the higher the probability that mold will grow and spread throughout the house.

How Do I Know If I Have Mold In My Carpet?

There is a misconception that if you do not see it that it is not there. Experience with mold has shown that only in the most severe cases of mold growth will it appear invisible surfaces. Here are a few ways to know if mold is growing in your house or workplace carpets:

  • After A Flood

Anytime your carpet is wet from a water leak, standing flood water, or a large spill, the conditions are perfect for mold to grow. Cleaning does not guarantee reoccurrence. In cases like this, it is probably best to consult with professionals as it is most likely best to dispose of your carpets completely to stop any mold or mildew before it begins. You must also be careful about carpeting in your basement because of the high humidity.

  • Visibility Of Mold On Surfaces

Visual inspections are often the best way to detect mold. Examining it both on the top and bottom is needed. Once mold grows to this level, cleaning them is out of the question because of the risk to your family’s health. It is best to dispose of it and replace it.

  • Mildew

Some people mistake mold for mildew. If there are odors or discoloration occurring, it is more than likely mold which you should take care of immediately to restrict growth. If you see staining or smell unusual odors, give us a call to determine the cause.

  • Check The Padding Underneath

It is in the padding where mold will most likely start to grow as it is moist and damp. A simple spill can lay the groundwork for mold growth underneath the carpet which is why a professional carpet cleaning service will help detect a mold issue before it is a problem.

Can I Clean Mold From Carpets?

According to the NCBI, about 21% of asthma cases are direct results from the mold in homes. While cleaning is possible in some cases, it is most likely best for your family’s health to replace it as mold will continue to grow. In certain cases, small areas can be contained and eradicated with professional-grade detergents and a steam-cleaning machine. Afterward, your carpet must be dried thoroughly to prevent the kind of conditions that contributed to the mold in the first place. In general, if the mold exceeds two feet or two or more areas, it is time to replace it.

If you are unsure if you need to have your carpets cleaned or replaced, call us at 1-800-847-0114 or contact us on our Facebook page where our experts also post tips on mold prevention.