There are a lot of companies that claim they can repair your home after a disaster like fire damage or flooding. How do you know which you should hire?

You don’t want to select someone with little to no experience in your problems. When you hire a professional, you expect them to have the skills and equipment to do the job. Many general contractors claim that they can handle property restorations, but they might not have the experiences that a real expert in the field possesses.

When handling a problem like water damage, a property restoration company needs specialized equipment like commercial water pumps and dryers, hazmat suits, materials to seal off hazardous areas, and more. While a general contractor might be able to rent the equipment, the may not be using it properly or performing the work as safely as someone who specializes in restoration.

One of the most dangerous disasters a home or business owner can face is black water flooding. Black water contains microbes such bacteria and other pathogens that can be very dangerous for people and even pets that come into contact with it. If it isn’t handled properly, the clean-up process can be dangerous.

When you call on RestorePro, you can be sure that they have the tools and skills to do the job properly. As a property owner, walking into a room and seeing black water everywhere feels like a nightmare. But when you know to call on RestorePro, there is no need to worry. There is nothing that they haven’t seen and handled before.

RestorePro - Before and After

This isn’t something anyone wants to face. The experts at RestorePro, however, are ready for action. They have the right equipment, like commercial dryers and dehumidifiers, disposable clothing and ventilators to protect themselves while working, and the right chemicals to clean and disinfect toxic black water. They have the skills and knowledge to dispose of contaminated materials both safely and in compliance with local and state ordinances. They have the training to know all of the latest and best techniques and products to make sure your home is restored to pristine condition as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

RestorePro - Before and After

When you are faced with a crisis, who do you want to turn to? Too often homeowners don’t know who to call and end up trusting whichever company happens to have a coupon in the local paper that week. Don’t take a risk with your property and your health. Call on RestorePro when disaster strikes. You can rely on them to make your home or business look like it never happened.

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