Why Mold Keeps Coming Back After Cleaning

When mold keeps coming back, no matter how many times it is cleaned, this can be a very severe issue. Mold exposure is a serious health issue that can lead to severe and potentially dangerous reactions. People will respond differently to mold exposure, and though it is never safe, certain individuals may have much more severe reactions, such as those with asthma.

If you are having difficulty solving your home or business’s mold issues, then it is important to solve the root causes of the issue. Here are some of the reasons your mold problems may be returning.

Mold Was Treated Using Bleach Products

Most people believe that mold can be treated using bleach, and though this chemical can be an excellent cleaning product when used properly, it will almost universally fail to completely eliminate mold infestations. Mold growth extends far beneath the surface, and bleach cannot treat this. Special chemicals and tools are necessary, which are often only in the hands of mold remediation professionals.

Painting Over the Problem

Many home and business owners attempt to use mold-resistant paints to apply over the mold, hoping that this will eliminate the mold underneath. Unfortunately, mold spores lying under the paint will still grow and, with time, become visible on the surface.

High Humidity

Mold can only grow in an environment where humidity is present. Often times this occurs due to leaky pipes or when condensation builds up on a surface. Even if mold is treated, as long as the source of the humidity is present, it will return. It is important to address both the mold and any source of high humidity in order to prevent mold from returning.

Keeping Mold Affected Items

Many people may have difficulty parting with items in their homes even when they have been affected by floodwaters or mold. Unfortunately mold affected items, even once cleaned, such as clothing, carpets, papers, and other items that seem dry and clean will allow mold to regrow in time.

The only way to be sure that an item is properly treated so that mold will not return is to entrust it to a mold remediation expert. No matter how thoroughly you clean an item without proper testing and professional tools and chemicals, it is impossible to guarantee that mold may not be hiding beneath the surface, ready to return when the conditions are right.

Preventing Mold From Returning

In order to prevent mold from returning, it is necessary to remove the conditions that make it possible for mold to grow. This means repairing any leaks in your plumbing, preventing condensation on your pipes, and removing other sources of moisture. When the conditions for mold growth aren’t there, it will be incapable of returning.

Final Thoughts

When unprofessionally remediated, many home and business owners find that their mold problem keeps returning no matter how many times they think it is solved. The fact is that mold issues are extremely difficult for the average person to solve on their own. In order to ensure that a mold problem is safely treated and gone for good, it is best to leave the job to the mold remediation professionals.

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