Why It’s Better To Hire Restore Pro For Sewage Cleanup After Your Septic Tank Line Freezes & Breaks

New England winters are harsh, and over a few years, it can also be rough on all the hardware in your home. Plumbing systems often take the worst hits in the winter because it is difficult to control until after something breaks down.  If your septic tank malfunctions and lines break and back up, here is why you should call Restore Pro for professional plumbing service repair and sewage cleanup.

How Do You Know If Your Septic Tank Is Frozen?

  • The toilet won’t work properly.
  • The water will not drain in the bathroom, kitchen, or washing machine as the ice is blocking its exit throughout the home.

What Causes a Septic Tank to Freeze?

  • Ice build-up due to a previous leak or line break.
  • Lack of grass keeping a line properly insulated.
  • No or inadequate insulation on septic system lines.
  • Septic system lines are located in shallow ground.
  • Water is sitting in lower-lying areas in the system lining.
  • Septic lines are located above the frost level in the ground.
  • Lack of usage during the winter months. Running water ensures the pipes are heated naturally.
  • Some soil types like clay, compacted snow, or building material like a driveway can cause the frost to go down lower in the soil than is normal for freezing levels.

What Should You Do If a Septic Tank Line Breaks & Sewage Spills?

When a sewage pump malfunctions and lines break due to freezing, the ice in the lines will block any proper drainage. Sewage then backs up in a home’s foundation, the basement, or crawl spaces. While some DIY experts recommend using a portable heater to thaw out the lines before they break, it is a risky endeavor that will put yourself and your home’s tenants in hazardous situations.

If you attempt to fix the plumbing problem yourself, you will need to locate the septic system’s holding tank and lines and find the problems. Once you fix the underlying issue, the sewage must be cleaned up to avoid soil contamination, foundation damage, or health issues of any occupants. If inside, the entire area needs a full sewage cleanup and treatment before a home is fit for occupancy.

Should I Hire A Sewage Cleanup Company After Septic Tank Lines Break?

The quick answer is yes. Not only do our experts at Restore Pro have the proper sewage cleanup expertise, but we also have building and plumbing expertise to fix any foundation or plumbing issues. Sewage cleanup is also dangerous to try to remove yourself, so we will ensure we use the proper commercial grade equipment and personal protection equipment to safely remove any existing waste.

To learn more about our sewage cleanup services, give our office a call at 1-800-847-0114 or visit us at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911/. You can also learn more about our company and sewage cleanup services, or certifications by visiting us online, on Facebook, or by calling to speak to a specialist who can walk you through the process and schedule a sewage cleanup appointment.