Why Choosing A Water And Fire Damage Restoration Company That Is IICRC Certified Is Important

Have you ever hired a company only to find out they lack the important certifications or expertise? Not only can these companies be a waste of time, but it can also be costly when you have to hire a more experienced company. We understand this dilemma, which is why we advocate for only hiring water or fire damage restoration companies that are  IICRC certified.

What Does It Mean To Be IICRC Certified?

IICRC, or the  Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, is a non-profit organization that establishes industry best practices and training programs for inspectors, cleaners, restorers, and installers. These practices support these industries and protect consumers.  Best practices include IICRC terminology, industry recommendations, safety, and resources.

RestorePro Is IICRC Certified In:

  • Expert In Applied Microbial Remediation
  • Expert In Applied Structural Drying
  • Expert In Fire & Smoke Restoration
  • Expert In Odor Control
  • Expert In Water Damage Restoration

Additionally, RestorePro is a member of the NEIRC and RIA, which supports industry standards.

IICRC Certification Advantages

  1. Consumers Want Industry Trained Specialists

It’s one thing to build a reputation within the industry. It’s another to gain industry recognition because employees showcase their IICRC skillsets. If you want a water and fire damage restoration company to do things right the first time, make sure you verify it is IICRC certified before signing your agreement.

  1. Consumers Trust IICRC

Trustworthiness is built with consumers. Having an IICRC certification tells consumers that a company cares about industry standards and safety protocols. Consumers also use the IICRC accreditation to weigh a company’s worth. Restore Pro proudly displays our industry certifications so customers can make informed decisions. We also display our ratings to further instill their trust and confidence.

  1. IICRC Trained Companies Follow Strict Safety Standards

Consumers prefer an IICRC-certified company that takes safety standards seriously. Not only will a consumer feel safer about the outcome of a job but also know that workers in their homes and businesses follow global best practices. IICRC certified companies will also have appropriate insurance protection.

  1. Restoration Experts Excel With IICRC Accreditation

Workers who are properly trained and certified have a leg up in the industry because they enter the workforce with the appropriate knowledge and skillsets necessary to thrive in the industry. In water and fire damage restoration, it includes scientific discipline, construction practices, and health and well-being.

  1. Companies With IICRC Certification Are Top Rated

If you compare local and national water and fire damage restoration companies, Restore Pro is the leading provider because our employees receive annual certification and training. Our staff also relies on IICRC’s continual research advancements to improve industry awareness, which our customers appreciate.

Restore Pro staffing has decades of experience, which has allowed us to excel at our jobs. As science changes, so too must our knowledge and abilities. When customers see the IICRC certifications badge, they understand we receive on-going training to meet industry standards. It is also a sign that we are abreast of the latest scientific advancement, technique, and technology.

To learn more about Restore Pro IICRC-accreditation for water and fire damage restoration, call us at 1-800-847-0114 or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911/.