When Water Damages Your Electronics

At RestorePro we have seen homeowner’s electronics items; phones, TV’s, DVD players, stereo receivers, etc. potentially damaged during at the time of a water loss in their home. We are asked what can be done to ensure they can be restored or that there is little or no damage to them? Water damage to electronic products falls into three specific areas.

The first type of damage would be immersion; the item is completely under water.  A video game console that was left on the floor or a DVD player on the lowest shelf on a TV console table would be examples. RestorePro professionals always recommend replacing electronic units that have been completely covered by water. Who knows what damage has occurred? Was the unit powered up when it went under water? Did an electrical short occur because the power cord was plugged in and the power was left on? So many things could be wrong that attempting to restore the item isn’t worth the risk. We recommend opting for replacement in these cases.

The next type of damage would be when an electronic component was directly splashed with a heavy volume of water. Possibly water that originated from a pipe break in the ceiling that allowed water to cascade down onto the item. The unit may look fine on the outside, but what about inside? At this point cleaning and drying by an experienced RestorePro technician would be recommended. Do not be fooled into thinking that everything will be just fine if you allow the equipment to just sit there and dry on its own over a period of time. Minerals and other contaminants that may have been present in the water will be left behind as residue once the water evaporates. The piece of equipment may appear to be okay, it may even seem to function properly, only to fail at a later date.

The last type of damage is exposure to high humidity, from just being in the vicinity of a water loss. Most electronics create a “magnetic” field that seems to attract dust. When exposed to higher than normal humidity or moisture, that dust can turn into a “muddy” type of sediment. This sediment will cling to electronic components long after the water is dried up and gone. One of RestorePro’s IICRC-certified restoration technicians should be contacted to inspect and service any item that has been exposed to the high humidity that may be present during a water intrusion in your home.

At RestorePro we are here to help. Our initial inspection comes with no charges to you and no obligation. Call us at 1-800-847-0114 and within the hour we will have a qualified water damage specialist at your door. For lasting value, quality workmanship, creative solutions and your unparalleled satisfaction, you only need RestorePro. We have been proudly serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire home and business owners for the last 22 years.