One of the worst mistakes home owners make when their home has been flooded is waiting too long to call in a professional water damage restoration service. It’s an understandable mistake. If you’ve recently been through a flood, hurricane or tornado, you may be overwhelmed with the clean-up. Making sure that your family is taken care of and getting things back to a semblance of normal is probably the first thing on your mind. Unfortunately, when  your home has been flooded, when your carpets, furniture and drywall are soaked with water, the longer you take to get it dried out, the worse the damage can be. Before long, mildew and mold start growing under carpeting, behind walls, in furniture foam. If you’re in this situation, don’t wait! Call the RestorePro team right away at 1-800-847-0114. Remember, if the disaster is widespread, there could be a very long waiting list. Call immediately so you can be the first on the list.