What to Do When You Have Water in the Basement

After heavy rainfall, finding water in your basement can cause homeowners to panic. Not only does water in the basement become a major hassle to clean up, but it can also cause damage to your items. Further, water can damage the structure of your home. If you’ve found water in your basement, knowing what to do can help make the process easier. Keep reading to learn the first steps of what to do when you find your basement has flooded.

Take Caution

If you see your basement has flooded, take caution. Areas of standing water can cause shock or electrocution if you touch wet wires or electrical components. If possible, shut off your electrical panel to prevent any dangers. If gas appliances are present in your basement, leaks can also lead to hazardous conditions. If you smell gas or see water approaching gas appliances, you may need to call in a professional. Never enter the basement if you’re not sure of safe conditions.

Remove Belongings

If your basement is safe to enter, you may wish to remove important or larger items as soon as possible. Any items that become saturated in water for a long time may grow mold, as mold thrives in warm and wet environments. Some items may not be able to be salvaged, however, some might be. Aim to remove the most important items from standing water as soon as possible.

Remove Water

Standing water should never be left in your basement. As soon as you notice water, you should work towards a removal plan. If it is a small amount of water, a wet vac may suffice. Small amounts of water usually can be tackled without professional assistance. Some local hardware stores and home improvement stores may offer wet vac rentals.

If you’ve got serious amounts of water, chances are you’re going to need professional assistance. Call a professional water damage company to help you come up with a water removal plan. Further, if you’re not sure what the source of the flooding is, a specialist can inspect your home and basement to find the source of the issue. This is important, as you can work to address the problem and prevent future basement floods.

If you have a dehumidifier or fans in your basement, turn them on as soon as you can. This will work to begin removing moisture from the area. Drying out the wet area is important to prevent the growth of mold and other substances.

Get Water Damage Help

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