What To Do When You Have a Sewage Backup

Water damage can happen many ways.  Obviously, there is the threat of heavy rains and broken plumbing, but water damage can also take the form of backed-up sewage, and when there is a fire there will frequently be damage from water used to suppress flames.  When you have serious water damage, time is critical.  You want to reach out to professionals sooner rather than later.  Water can soak through almost anything given enough time.

Restore Pro prides itself on responding quickly when homeowners call, but we know home and business owners want to start dealing with the problem immediately.  And there are some things you can do on your own.  Obviously, the sooner you can clear out the standing water the better, but you don’t necessarily want to just wade in there.  If the water is close to any electrical outlets or wiring you should cut the power to that section of your home or business – you don’t want to deal with short circuits, and you certainly don’t want to suffer an electrical shock.

If the water is more than a couple of inches deep, you might also want to put on protective boots or waders.  This is especially true if the water is from a flood or sewage system, but even if the water appears to come from a clean source, like a broken pipe, that water may have contaminants mixed in.  If you’re not sure, you are better off protecting yourself from chemicals and bacteria.

If you can identify the source of the water and can shut it off yourself safely, go ahead and do so.  Once that’s done you can consider ways to remove the accumulated water.

But there’s more to water remediation than getting rid of standing water.  Your structure and your possessions need to be thoroughly dried out.  That means removing valuables – even if the water never touched them you don’t want them harmed by high humidity.  Remove waterlogged rugs and take them someplace where they can dry.  We do not recommend you pull up tacked-down carpet on your own however.

Even if you are able to clear out the water quickly and salvage your valuables on your own, there are still good reasons to call on professionals to help with the restoration process.  Water may have pooled inside the structure of your home, or in areas you didn’t think to check out.  Mold and mildew can take root and expand rapidly in dark, moist areas, damaging your structure and making you sick.  Waterlogged floors and walls will need time to dry out, and its best if they can do that with lots of cool, dry air.

Restore Pro’s professionals will know what to look for, and they have the equipment to make sure that your home or business is thoroughly cleaned up – not just the water, but the moisture.  If you have a flood, you want to act quickly, but one of your first steps should be to call Restore Pro RestorePro at 1-800-847-0114 for an inspection and an assessment.