What To Do After a Home Fire

A fire can be a devastating experience.  Even a small fire that is put out quickly can be terrifying – and do serious damage.  A large fire that gets out of control can wreck a house within a few minutes.  If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a fire, you want to bring in an experienced, trusted team that will restore your home and your peace-of-mind, and that’s what Restore Pro’s experts provide.

Starting with the first phone call, our staff will learn about your home and about the fire that damaged it, so we’ll have the right people, materials, and equipment at the ready for you.  Our technicians will visit and carefully inspect your home, assessing structural damage, smoke and soot, water damage, and the condition of your possessions.  After the inspection, we’ll be able to tell you what can be cleaned and repaired, and what needs to be removed and replaced.

Depending on the extent of fire damage, your home may be vulnerable to the elements.  We’ll quickly cover roof and wall damage to prevent wind and rain from doing further harm, board up windows, and erect temporary fencing to keep thieves, vandals, and nosy passers-by away.

After a large fire there is often a lot of water lying around, either from fire suppression sprinklers or left by firefighters as they put out the flames.  If that water isn’t dealt with, it can cause further damage to your home by soaking into and weakening wooden structures.  Later on it can create the risk of mold.  We can use water vacuums and pumps to remove standing water, and may also use fans to circulate dry air and make sure your house is thoroughly dried out.

After that comes the cleanup.  We’ll remove all the damaged materials, and clean away the soot and smoke damage.  We also have air scrubbers and foggers to clear up any smoke or other unpleasant odors left over from the fire.  Our team will know which ones to use, so your home is as clean as it can be.  This can be very specialized work because different types of fires create different types of soot, which may require specific cleaning materials and methods.

If the fire was relatively small, at this point you may just need some touch-up work – maybe a couple coats of paint or some new carpeting – to get your home back to what it was like before the fire.  If more extensive work is needed, we have contacts with many excellent carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other construction contractors.  We are also very familiar with insurance company procedures, and are happy to help you coordinate the rebuilding work.

Bringing in the right team can make all the difference in the wake of a fire.  You can count on Restore Pro’s experienced and qualified staff to help you get your old home and your old lifestyle back.  If you’re coping with the aftermath of a fire, call Restore Pro now at 1-800-847-0114.