What Does Mold Love - RestorePro Knows

Mold, like most living things, requires certain conditions to exist. If you can eliminate any of these conditions you will have a much better chance to avoid mold infestation in your home or business.

First and foremost mold requires water. Every living thing on earth needs a supply of water to survive and mold is no exception. Eliminate mold’s access to water and you’ve severely reduced the chances that mold will develop. In bathrooms, where the water supply is plentiful, use your exhaust fan to help remove excess moisture after bathing or showering. Under sinks and vanities check often to ensure there are no small drips and leaks. Don’t leave piles of damp towels or dishrags lying around.

The next thing mold loves is a food source. It must be organic to be mold’s food source. Mold will not grow on plastic, laminate countertops, concrete, or you’re your carpet fibers. Dirt however, is organic by nature. So if you do see mold on a hard surface like, those just mentioned, it is more than likely that dirt or some other organic material is on the surface of the object. Concrete walls painted with latex paint are a good example. Latex is an organic compound in some paints. Latex is also used in the backing of carpet, so if you see mold on a carpet, it is more than likely that the mold is feeding on the latex backing.

One other thing that molds love is darkness and a lack of air movement. Why is it common for mold to grow in bathrooms and basements? There is usually higher than normal humidity present, along with a limited amount of light or air movement. In bathrooms, one or two days a month a leave the light on and run the exhaust fan. But don’t leave the house while running an exhaust fan, either in the bathroom or over the stove. They can be a fire hazard if left completely unattended. In the basement leave the lights on every once in awhile and install a small dehumidifier that can help reduce humidity levels.

DYI Mold Removal? Are You Sure?

When you attempt to clean up small amounts of mold protect yourself. Wear rubber gloves and a dust mask with an EPA N-95 rating. At RestorePro, our mold removal technicians all wear protective gear when remediating a fungus problem. We wear special disposable suits, gloves and respirators. Mold’s danger is its toxic spores that can be released into the air when the mold is disturbed.

At RestorePro we are here to help. Our initial inspection is at no charge and no obligation. Call us at 1-800-847-0114 and within the hour we will have a qualified mold remediation specialist at your door. For lasting value, quality workmanship, creative solutions and your unparalleled satisfaction, you only need RestorePro. We’ve been proudly serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners and business owners for more than 22 years.