If you experience a fire, you probably aren’t sure what to do. It is most likely the first time you have been through that type of situation. Our experienced team at RestorePro has been in the business for over two decades, so we are prepared to walk you through it and help you navigate the unknown.

Fire damage restoration can be more complicated than a property owner expects. This is because there are usually several types of damage to be addressed, and each needs to be handled differently. When you have a fire in your home or business, you are most likely looking at damage from fire, soot, smoke, and even water.

Soot Damage
Most fires leave behind plenty of soot and ash. When combined with water from firefighting efforts, you are often left with a gray-black sludge that is difficult to clean. It can be made more complicated because there are different types of soot. Depending on the materials burned and the heat of the fire, you might have a dry soot that is easily wiped up or an oily soot that is difficult to clean, especially from porous surfaces like wood and fabrics. Our experts can determine what types of soot are present and how to clean them the most effectively.

Fire Damage
Damage from the actual fire is usually the more obvious and most straightforward to clean up and restore. Many materials will be completely destroyed or have visible damage. Some metals, plastics, and composites can have hard-to-see heat damage that weakens them without leaving noticeable signs. It’s important to have professionals inspect the property after a fire even if things look ok.

Water Damage
Many people don’t realize that a fire can result in water damage, but it is common. Firefighting efforts often involve large amounts of water. Damage can also occur to the plumbing, resulting in water leaks. If there is any moisture present, make sure that it gets cleaned up thoroughly and quickly. If left to sit it can lead to mold and other complications.

Smoke Damage
The most insidious type of damage that can result from a fire is smoke damage. The odor can linger for a very long time if it isn’t carefully treated. Smoke seeps into surfaces throughout the property. It can soak into walls, floors, and furnishings in areas that are seemingly unaffected by the fire. Professionals can use a variety of specialized tools, such as commercial air movers, deodorizers, and other methods to make sure that all traces of smoke are eradicated. We also check your air filters and ductwork to make sure that there won’t be a recurring problem.

When you experience a serious fire, the amount of damage can be surprising. Even if the flames just reach a small area, the damage can be much more widespread. Fires bring with them smoke, soot, and often water as well. It can be overwhelming, trying to deal with all of the mess. Call us in MA at 781-664-9800 in NH 603-253-2068 and let the experts at RestorePro bring your property back to pre-fire condition so your life can get back to normal. Learn more on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911.