The winter season teases us with gorgeous snowfalls, beautiful ‘jack frost’ mornings, and glistening holiday lights.  However, with the festive atmosphere come plummeting temperatures, winter storms, and dangerous fire hazards.  By paying attention to your environment, you can ensure that your property and family will weather the winter and avoid disaster.

There are many ways to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary fire and the damage associated with it.   With the cold weather approaching, we thought it pertinent to share our tips for a safe winter.

  1. Place space heaters in a safe place away from flammable material:  Consider investing in a new space heater if yours is older and becomes too hot to touch.  Newer models offer safety features that help prevent a fire; look for a space heater that will turn off if it tips over, is cool to the touch, and turns itself off if the temperature gets too hot.  You’ll be surprised at the affordable cost and you’ll help lower your risk of a fire.
  2. Keep your fireplace clean: An annual professional cleaning and proper maintenance between fires will prevent chimney fires and reduce the chance of burning embers coming out of the grate.  Monitor your fire and don’t go to bed while it is still burning.
  3. Never leave candles unattended: Whether you use candles during a power outage or to create a festive table, candles need to be kept clear of combustible material.  Make sure you walk through your home or apartment to blow out all lit candles.  If forgotten, they can quickly cause a large fire.
  4. Tend to your Christmas tree: Keep your tree watered and monitor your Christmas lights.  Frayed lights can quickly spark and ignite a dried up tree.  While it may be festive to come home to a home lit for the holidays, it is far safer to only turn the lights on when you get home.  This will save unnecessary charges on your energy bill as well.
  5. Monitor your kitchen: The majority of home fires happen in the kitchen.  When entertaining guests with a 4 course meal or simply warming up a can of soup, make sure towels, potholders and wrappers are clear from hot burners.  Make sure your stove and ovens are off when not in use and keep an eye on your food while cooking.

It only takes one simple act to start a fire, and it is our hope that you never have to experience the devastation that comes with a fire.  However, we also understand that accidents happen and it is our goal to get your property back to the condition it once was if you do find yourself facing an incident.  After any fire it is important to start the cleanup process quickly.  At RestorePro we work with you to devise a plan of action and restoration so your property is repaired and back to its pre-event condition as soon as possible.  To learn more about our fire damage restoration services and solutions visit our Facebook page at or call us at 781-664-9800 (MA residents) and 603-253-2068 (NH residents).