Water Damage to Your Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, and many homes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire have, eventually water may cause damage to them. Broken pipes, malfunctioning icemakers, water softeners or even just traffic coming in with wet shoes or boots will cause damage if the moisture is not cleaned up quickly. Your RestorePro water damage professionals offer the following advice:

What You Can Do for Smaller Spills

When exposed to water over a period of time, the edges of a hardwood floor will absorb water. This causes the individual boards to expand. This first results in cupping, a kind of a wavy effect when viewed across the floor in certain light. If the boards are allowed to continue to absorb water, eventually they will buckle, destroying your floor, forcing their replacement. What you must always attempt to do is wipe up any water that you see on your floors as soon as possible. During periods of wet or snowy weather, place a dry walk-off mat in front of doors to the outside. As the mats get wet from in and out traffic, replace them with a dry one.

If a small spill occurs, from say a knocked over glass or bucket, sop up the water with a mop or rag and dry the area with soft, absorbent towels. With a quick response from you, the water will not be able to penetrate the floors finish before it is mopped up. If you have a small fan handy, it might be a good idea to direct some airflow across the area to assist in rapidly drying the floor.

What If the Spills Are Large?

If you experience a larger loss, such as from a washer connection, a hot water heater, or a baseboard-heating system, it is best to seek professional assistance. RestorePro, at 1-800-847-0114 can usually respond to water emergencies in fewer than sixty minutes.

Your RestorePro experts have the training and specialized floor drying equipment needed to arrest and reverse the damage and restore your floors to their pre-loss brilliance. 99 percent of the time, the floors will need no more than a soft cleaning after we finish.

Hardwood floor damage from water can be limited if you respond promptly. At RestorePro we have been successfully restoring/saving hardwood floors for more than 22 years. Our technicians have the knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to save you time, the hassle of a lengthy repair process, and most of all, your hard-earned money! Call us before things get worse. 1-800-847-0114