Water is great. It cooks and cleans, revives and refreshes! We love water, until it is unexpectedly gushing from the pipes over the entire floor! Then water is not so friendly anymore! Unmonitored flooding can spoil everything from floors to walls to family treasures. Whether the issue be leaky pipes or an unforeseen swimming pool in your hallway, swift action is key to controlling water damage as well as preventing messy home repair costs.

Expected Damage Timeline

 Like any other emergency, knowing what to expect and when will empower you as the homeowner to combat any unwelcome surprises and get back to enjoying the important things in life!

 First Hour

Water attacks quickly and obvious damage ensues within only a few minutes. Larger quantities of settled liquid not only leave flooring and carpets soggy, but also seep into the walls, soaking plaster and wallpaper. Fabric coated articles such as furniture and upholstery begin to bleed their colors, leading to irreversible stains along neighboring home décor. Any paper fabricated objects are also subject to fading and ink bleeding as well as puckering and warping.

 First 24 Hours

 As is often the case, water damage can go unobserved for several hours before the homeowners realize the mess. The original damage does not simply sit, but continues to grow as time passes. Within the first day of sitting in water, wall surfaces break down. Plaster begins to decompose and wallpaper to peel. Furniture with wooden pieces expand and split. Any ink or fabric dyes continue to bleed and fade. If any metal surfaces in contact with the water will show the initial traces of rust. Mildew or mold may also occur within these first hours.

Within a Week

 After the second day with no cleanup, wood floors will adopt a swollen and distorted appearance, as anything else with a wood base (windows, doors, baseboards, etc…). The mold continues to spread, contaminating wet furniture and other décor. Additionally, there is the chance of a Biohazard infection if there is penetration by open sewage.

Longer than a Week

By this time, the damage is beyond simple reparation and repair costs escalate dramatically. Reconstruction will include not only the replacement of damaged materials, but also of the extensive sanitization for the removal of any harmful mold growth or Biohazard residues.

CALL RestorePro!

 Serving homes since 1997, the RestorePro team guarantees 24/7 response to your home cleaning and restoration needs. Although originally constructed to clean carpets, full service restoration and reconstruction are what makes the company shine. Services include water and fire damage, mold removal, and Biohazard sanitation along with your basic construction. RestorePro is an IICRC certified company.

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