When we think of mold and mildew, we tend to think of bathrooms, basements, and other damp places.  However, your carpet can be a breeding ground for mold as well.  Mold in carpets can be difficult to remove without professional help, and most likely, the wetness is caused by an underlying issue that needs to be resolved first.  If you notice any of the items below, you may have a water problem that is causing mold to grow in your carpets.  We’ve assembled a list of things to watch out for in order to keep your carpets in good condition and free of water damage.

  1. An increase in allergy symptoms- If respiratory illnesses are becoming more frequent, or if you or a family member are experiencing problems breathing, it may be time to check your carpet. After checking your walls, ceiling, and basement for mold, you might have to look to your carpets for the cause.
  2. Check your carpet for damp spots – Carpets that are near water can become wet and stay wet if not properly dried. Areas like your bathrooms, near a door where you track in snow or the basement can become wet and stay damp without proper ventilation.  Turn on a dehumidifier in your basement and use fans or press down on a towel to dry carpets quickly when you notice they are wet.
  3. Discoloration – If you notice an area that is turning black, or showing a mix of greens, whites, and browns, this is evidence of mold growing in your carpet.
  4. Musty smells and odors – Damp, musty smells shouldn’t be common in any home. While we may think it is normal for a basement to exhibit a damp odor, it is more likely that the smell is the result of mold.  Use a dehumidifier to dry out the moisture in the basement.  If the smell persists, check for damp carpet and discoloration.
  5. Buy a mold testing kit – A simple home kit can test for mold spores by testing the airflow over the top of the carpet.

If you do have mold in your carpet, your first step to resolving the issue is to find and repair the source of the problem.  Damp carpets can be a result of a leaky pipe, burst pipes, plumbing issues, or ground water seeping into your home.  If you experience any type of water damage, give our team of experts at Restore Pro a call.  We understand how quickly mold can grow if water-damaged areas are not properly fixed.  We have the tools and equipment to properly repair the cause of the damage, remove the damaged material, and dry the area.  With our water damage restoration service, you can be confident that the source of the water will be fixed therefore, eliminating the risk of mold and health problems attributed to mold.

If you have wet carpets, or think you have carpet mold, call us about our Water Damage Restoration Service at 781-664-9800.  You can also visit our Facebook page to learn more about our services at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911.