At RestorePro we are used to the need for water damage restoration after flooding in densely populated areas. A long steady downpour of heavy rain will be more than the available open land can absorb. The sewers can’t handle the runoff, flooding streets and sump pumps can’t keep up causing basement flooding. River front property is often the hardest hit as water levels rise and overflow their banks. allowing flood water to rush through homes. Properties within known flood plains must carry flood insurance to cover loss and manage site clean up. Everybody involved, the property owner, the insurance company and RestorePro knows the drill when, not if but when, the floods come.

Water Damage Restoration Surprise

The calls we at Restore Pro do not expect are from areas with acres of open land and no rivers within 50 miles. All it takes is blocked field drainage. The flow of water from poorly drained surrounding fields of produce suddenly comes rushing across a rural family’s home with no warning. Oh, they knew it was raining hard and flash flood warnings were posted but such warnings had never concerned them. Occasionally there is water damage restoration needed after tornadoes but flash flooding is less common. Because the flooding comes as a surprise, the property owners are unprepared to cope with the wet muddy results. For personal safety, the property owner should avoid all electrical products, evacuate and calls us at RestorePro.

Do It Yourself or Professional Water Damage Restoration

As the water recedes it leaves behind saturated basements, garages, barns and their contents. If the home has no basement, main living areas sustain the damage. Receding water deposits a layer of mud on everything. In the mud are all the makings of insect and rodent infestations as well as disease. Bikes, toys and equipment stored in barns and garages can probably be cleaned with a hose and left to dry in the sun. When we get to the home, critical measures are needed quickly to prevent permanent damage. The water damage restoration aim is the same for RestorePro as it is for the client. We all want to get the job done quickly, thoroughly and restored to healthy living conditions. You will need professionals to achieve the desired results.

Steps to Complete Water Damage Restoration

Call RestorePro immediately when you experience flooding of your property. We are available around the clock 365 days a year because flooding is always an emergency. Damage and bacteria growth begins within hours of receding water. Our professional team will inspect the damage and put together a plan of action. We want to get any water left behind extracted and then sanitize the whole area with an anti-microbial solution. After that it’s all about drying because that prevents further damage and dangerous mold spores.

Leave Water Damage Restoration to the Professionals`

For worry free water damage restoration leave it to the professionals at RestorePro. We are members of The Restoration Industry Association and New England Institutes of Restoration and cleaning. Our company is top rated by the BBB and ServiceMagic.com. Clients on Angie’s List have given us an A rating. We have been servicing this New England area since 1997, putting customer service above all else. Count on us to communicate with you and your insurance company during a disaster.

Call RestorePro at 781-664-9800 for Massachusetts clients and in New Hampshire, 603-253-2068 for professional water damage restoration. Visit us on the web at  https://restorepro911.com/