Water Damage Remediation

You may not know when to call a remediation service like RestorePro. Honestly, we understand because often people are not aware of just how bad what they’re cleaning up really is.

To be sure, there are accidents that happen in the home that don’t require a full-blown remediation service. But, even if you do decide to clean up a minor flood from an overflown toilet or sink, understanding that unhealthy pathogens are probably present, and what happens if you underestimate your completion of the job. And of course, there are safety concerns too.

We want to help you understand when simple home cleaning becomes a remediation effort.

Water damage

Overflows from sinks, washers, and toilets are not unusual in the average home. People forget to turn off water and drains and toilets get plugged. Obviously, the concerns for any homeowner when water goes where it’s not supposed to is structural damage and polluted water. The question you need answered is simple: Is what you’re cleaning up a couple gallons or a couple hundred gallons.

In example, let’s say you’re running the laundry and for some reason the tub’s drain gets plugged with a rag. Left unnoticed you’ll return to the laundry room with a pile of water on the floor. If your home is newer then chances are, you’re got a floor drain and most of the water found its way to the sewer. If you’re standing in a small puddle, then you most likely get the mop and clean it up.

If on the other hand there’s some grey area here, like the water is deeper, and made it to the walls or seeped into ceilings or under carpets you may have bigger problems. That’s where professionals like RestorePro come in handy.

Mold and mildew

If bathrooms didn’t accumulate mold and mildew naturally, then there wouldn’t be so many mold and mildew cleaners on store shelves. Wherever there is water there is the chance for mold to grow. That’s why we regularly scrub shower stalls and around tubs, to keep them free and clear of the spores that will grow to mold.

But what if you discover mold has been growing behind your vanity when you pull it out to replace it? This isn’t an unusual thing to happen. How many home improvements shows have you seen where a remodel opens a hornet’s nest of mess to clean up?

Here again, are we talking a few square inches of surface mold, or are we talking saturated walls with deeply penetrating mold. Simply put, how bad is it?

RestorePro can help

Our business is remediation and damage restoration of homes, and we’ve been doing it for twenty years. During those years we’ve learned a thing or two and we sincerely hope you give us a call whenever you think you may have an issue on your hand that needs professional service.

Keep in mind, it’s not just the damage itself, it can also be the technique and the chemicals used. People sometimes don’t understand that mixing store-bought products can sometimes be lethal.

We’ve made it our sincere business to help families put their homes back together after fire or flood for over twenty years. If you need restoration or remediation services please contact us in Massachusetts at 781-664-9800, 603-253-2068 in New Hampshire, or 1-800-847-0014 nationally.