We find water damage is one of the worst problems our customers face.  Home owners are often not prepared when it happens.

And then one day your programmable dishwasher goes crazy.  It spews dozens of gallons of water out across your kitchen floor before you realize the trouble!  When you do discover the disaster you may find yourself in a panic.

We don’t want our customers to panic.  If you have concerns about leaks, water stains, appliances flooding or worse, natural flooding disasters, we can help you.

Below are some quick tips for you to keep in mind.

Water Damage Money Saving Tips

  1. How Do You Shut this Thing Off!

Without question you must know WHERE and HOW to turn off your water.  In the case of the flooding dishwasher, the water valve was easily located and quickly turned off.

If you don’t know where the shut off is located…find it.  When you’re in the middle of an indoor flooding crises knowing where and how to shut off the main water will prevent further damage.

  1. What’s the “Health” of Your Appliances?

You’ll save yourself headaches with a quick annual appliance checkup.  Choose a month during the year to inspect hoses and connection points for water heaters, washing machines as well as their drains.  See if there are leaks under sinks and water stains around toilets or on ceilings.

Also check washing machine, dishwasher and shower drains regularly to see if hair or other debris is clogging them. Remove it so you don’t have any backup issues.

  1. Found a Leak, Now What?!

Assess how bad it is.

If water has leaked for months that’s bad.  Fixable, but bad.

If you’ve had something like a leaky toilet for years THAT’S bad.  Deferred maintenance is pricey particularly when things like the sub-floor may have water damage.  We see this regularly though and we can help.  At RestorePro we’ll size up the problem quickly and determine your most cost effective approach.

  1. Keep Things Dry.

Wet or damp environments can be perfect for mold to grow.  It’s best when you spot mold to remove it, bag it and toss.  Hang damp dry bags where needed to collect water.  It’s a good idea to turn on fans and run a dehumidifier to enjoy a dry home and eliminate dampness.

Save yourself money (before the rain begins) by clearing gutters and downspouts of organic debris.  This way rain easily moves away from and doesn’t pool around your house.

5.  Be Proactive. 

You CAN stay ahead of the financial hurdle caused by water damage with a water leak sensor alarm.  Depending on your budget you can buy one cheaply.  The price ranges anywhere from twenty bucks to several hundreds of dollars.

A small investment like a sensor allows you to sleep better knowing you’ll be alerted if water IS leaking so you can avert disaster.

RestorePro is your resource for water damage issues.  Call us at 1-800-847-0114.  Learn more about how we help our customers on our Facebook page.