Fire damage and water damage can both cause serious structural problems for your home. Before you re-enter your home you should first inspect for structural damage to different areas such as your roof, ceilings, walls, and especially floors. To overlook structural damage during this stressful time can result in injury or worse if the structure fails while you or your family are in it. The risk is too high for you and your loved ones.

Keep in mind that water damage is usually less obvious than damage suffered from fire. Another area that is susceptible to water and fire damage is your homes electrical system. If you suspect something has happened to your homes wiring call an electrician immediately. In every case its usually best to call in a professional water and fire damage restoration company to make sure your property is safe and secure and is able to restore your property correctly.

Both fire and water can cause serious structural damage to your home. Be sure to inspect for structural damage to your walls, to your roof, stairs, ceilings, and floors before you go back into your home, much less begin to assess your personal property loss. The risk is too high for you and your family. RestorePro is fully licensed, insured and certified to restore your property from water and fire damage quickly and professionally. Call us today at 1-800-847-0114