Top Causes of Commercial Water Damage

Commercial businesses face a number of hazards that can cause structural damage, and among them, the most common is water. Water damage is extremely common but can cause extremely severe damage. This is why it is important to understand where this damage may come from.

Many business owners may believe that the most common source of water damage is from storms, but on the whole, this is actually a fairly rare source of water damage. The most common sources are really from unexpected damage or failure of equipment or parts. In order to prevent water damage, try to keep these causes in mind.

Sprinkler Systems

A building’s sprinkler systems are a crucial part of protecting the structure and its inhabitants from the threat of fire. However, when these systems malfunction, it can result in a great deal of water damage throughout the structure. The most likely sprinkler systems to malfunction are, of course, the oldest, and when these systems are neglected for a long time, they may simply need to be replaced. A broken sprinkler system may result in a loss of inventory, damaged hardware, and a flooded building. So, it is important to ensure a sprinkler system is up to date and in good repair to keep it from unexpectedly setting off.

Damaged Equipment and Appliances

It’s bad enough when an appliance like your dishwasher begins to break, but it may get worse if it suddenly begins to flood your building. There are a number of examples of appliances and equipment, including sinks and toilets, in most commercial structures that may flood when they begin to break. This can quickly spread throughout a building, causing severe damage, particularly if it occurs overnight with no one around to solve the issue.

Leaking Windows

In many high-rise buildings, there are a considerable number of windows, and these play an important role in the building’s overall structure. Unfortunately, they are also a prime entry point for water as well. This is actually quite common and can result in water intrusion every time it rains and when the windows are cleaned. Luckily, once it’s noticed, this is relatively easily solved.

Pipe Ruptures

Just like the ones in our homes, commercial pipes are at risk of leaks and bursting. This is particularly common when the temperatures outside are freezing. When this happens, the water inside the pipe may begin to freeze and expand, bursting the pipe. When this happens, a building can flood in moments.

Sewage Backups

A sewage backup is one of the most common sources of commercial damage and certainly one of the least pleasant. Water alone can cause severe damage to electronics and sensitive equipment, but toxic sewage can result in immediate destruction for furnishings and require intensive cleaning before the building can be inhabited once again.

Final Thoughts

Water damage can result in a considerable amount of damage to commercial buildings in little time. As you can see, these disasters are often the result of faulty equipment and maintenance issues. So, before your business becomes flooded, remember to consider whether or not you are staying up to date on regular maintenance.

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