For the most part, we associate mold growth with warmer seasons when the humidity levels are high.  However, it is important to remember that the winter months carry the threat of mold as well, especially when the air inside your home is warm and humid.  As the temperature drops, we bump up our thermostat…if there is water within your walls and property the warm air, as well as the humidity levels, offers a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow.

At RestorePro, we are experts at mold remediation and understand the need to remove and extract water from your property as quickly as possible.  Likewise, our water damage restoration services are proven to properly treat damaged, wet areas that are prone to succumbing to mold.  There are many useful tips to prevent mold growth during the winter months and below, we’ve selected a few of our favorites.

  1. Keep area rugs and carpets around entryways as dry as possible.  Brush the snow off your boots and clothes outside and wipe up any puddles that may seep into flooring.
  2. Properly vent your bathrooms and kitchen. A hot shower is a glorious way to warm you up on a cold day, but the humid conditions that form, if not properly ventilated, will increase your risk of mold.
  3. If you are using a humidifier, make sure the humidity level is set at a reasonable number. Likewise, use a dehumidifier in your basement to prevent moisture from damaging your walls and property.
  4. Keep an eye on the exterior of your property. Snow packed roofs and ice jams will allow water to flow into nooks and crannies as gravity does its job.  Water can seep into your walls and attic space causing damage.
  5. Clear snow away from outdoor vents; dryer vents, exhaust fans, air intake areas that push warm air outside will melt the snow and ice around it. If not draining properly, the water will seep into crevices near your home’s foundation.
  6. Watch for leaky and wet pipes. Condensation easily forms on pipes within your exterior walls which can then drip down into your insulation and floors.  As temperatures warm, you’ll have formed the perfect home for mold to grow.

Overall, keeping a watchful eye on your property will ensure your belongings and structure are safe from standing water that could foster the growth of mold.  Our professional experts at RestorePro are always happy to answer questions should you be unsure of a potential threat.  We have years of experience properly treating mold growth whether it’s caused by a simple leak or a large disaster.  We are trained to handle every job with expertise and work to efficiently dry out your property and clean the affected areas as quickly as possible.

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