The Hidden Dangers Of DIY Sewage Cleanup

As a homeowner, your first thought when an emergency occurs is to minimalize the damage. As a business owner, I understand the response, but when it comes to sewage backups, it could also be deadly when trying to take it on alone. Here are the hidden dangers of DIY sewage cleanup.

  1. Wastewater Is Hazardous

When people think of wastewater, it’s usually because of its smell. There is typically little thought to the hazardous material lurking within it. Before you decide to clean it yourself, you should take a moment to think about exposing your family or environment to waste. There are also harmful chemicals and solid material mixed in with it once it backs up into your home. Human waste, chemical compounds, and cleansers produce phosphorus and nitrogen pollution that damages waterways, so you can imagine what occurs in a backup.

  1. Elevated Risk Of Health Issues

Sewage contains up to one million microorganisms in every millimeter of waste. While some of them play a vital role in breaking down the solid waste, pathogenic bacteria are also present and will cause health problems, including Hepatitis A and Encephalitis. Because sewage seeps into any porous materials, it is difficult to clean up by hand.

  • Sewage contains parasitic micro-organisms that cause viruses in humans, such as polio, adenovirus, and enteric cytopathic human orphan (ECHO). The ratio of viruses to bacteria is relatively small, but they are just as deadly to your health.
  • Wastewater also contains pathogenic and saprophytic bacteria like coli, Giardia Lamblia, Salmonella, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Direct access to these toxins leads to intestinal diseases, typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery.
  1. DIY Sewage Cleanup Costs More Than Professional Services

The cost is usually the determining factor between hiring a professional and choosing to DIY. While most people believe that it is more cost-effective to clean themselves, it isn’t actually as cheap as one thinks when you factor in the equipment, cleaning supplies, and disinfectant it takes to fully complete the job. You also may need to repeat the process several times to remove all of the bacteria and viruses when doing this chore by hand.

  1. Improper Cleanup Can Lead To More Backups

With a sewage backup, there is a problem in the plumbing system, so you will need to take care of that before you proceed with the cleanup. Not properly fixing the underlying plumbing issue will lead to future problems and a repeat of sewage spills. It would be more costly for another backup than it would be to hire a sewage cleaning company.

  1. Your Home Also Is Prone To Mold Infiltration

There is an added risk of getting a mold problem that will require mold remediation services.  You must remember that sewage cleanups are generally covered by your home insurance policy, so why not hire the professionals to get the job completed correctly.

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