The Health Risks of Having a Dirty Carpet

For those with carpets in their home or business, the value of them looking neat and tidy is clear, but in addition to having a beautiful appearance, there are actually some important health reasons to ensure your carpeting remains clean. A dirty carpet can actually pose some severe health risks to you and your family or customers. Dirty carpeting can become a home for mold, bacteria, and bugs, which in addition to tracking dirt across your home, can create a health risk for all those in your home or business.

How Dirty Carpets Become a Hazard

When carpets don’t receive regular cleaning, they can provide an ideal home for living organisms such as mold, insects, and other forms of life. The longer that these organisms are allowed to live in the carpet, the more that they can grow and reproduce. With time these organisms can grow to dangerous levels and disperse into the air and surrounding areas. This can pose a variety of severe health risks to those exposed to them.

Respiratory Issues

A severely dirty carpet can result in severe respiratory issues for those around it, particularly for those that may be at greater risk. Heavy concentrations of dust can result in a cough or runny nose as well as difficulty breathing. For those that suffer from asthma or allergies, this may result in extreme discomfort or even a dangerous reaction. The greater the exposure, the more likely this is to result in dangerous consequences. Before this occurs, it is important to perform a thorough carpet cleaning, or if there is significant mold buildup, contact a professional remediation company.

Trapped Allergens

A dirty carpet can pose a significant risk to those that suffer from allergies. In many cases, these carpets can cause serious allergic reactions due to allergens trapped inside the carpet. This includes dust, hair, mold, and pet fur. As time passes, these allergens become trapped in the carpet, and every time it is disturbed, such as by someone stepping on it, these allergens can be released and spread through the air. This can cause great discomfort to anyone unlucky enough to breathe it in nearby.

Dust Mites

Another serious issue that can result from a dirty carpet is an infestation of mites. Unfortunately, these pests can be extremely hard to see, and an infestation can become extremely serious without anyone ever noticing. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells and do not directly harm people. However, their waste products can cause allergic and allergy-like symptoms in those exposed to them. As a result, it is important to keep concentrations of these pests down, and one of the best ways to do this is to keep fabric surfaces clean and dust-free to starve them of their favorite treat.

Final Thoughts

A clean carpet is a healthy one, and now you can easily see the harm that a dirty carpet can cause. Regular carpet cleaning is key to preventing it from developing pest infestations and high concentrations of dust, mold, and other allergens. If your carpet has developed a serious mold issue, remember that it is important to call in the professionals to ensure that it is dealt with appropriately and does not spread to surrounding surfaces.

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