The Dangers of Mold & How RestorePro Can Help

Mold spores are everywhere, present in the air that we breathe daily. No matter how rigidly you stick to your daily cleaning schedule, it doesn’t take much for mold to find a home and begin to grow. A mold infestation may grow quite significant before you discover it. Depending on the type and the amount of mold present, it could present anything from a source of minor illness to a serious danger to you, your family members, and pets. Surface cleaning usually only treats a fraction of the problem. Calling a certified mold remediation service, like RestorePro, can treat your mold problem at the source to ensure proper elimination.

Mold Basics & Where It Can Be Found

Mold doesn’t need much to grow, but it thrives in moist, dark areas. Some of the most hospitable areas for mold are between your walls, under carpet, and in your crawlspaces. All it takes it one or two mold spores to find a home in an area with abundant moisture and then it can begin to grow and spread rapidly. By the time that it finds its way to the exterior of your drywall, the problem could be deeply entrenched. Don’t assume that just because you cleaned up the visible mold that the problem is solved, especially if the mold reappears.

You can take preventative measures to reduce the possibility of mold growing in the first place. Keep the moisture level in your home low by running a dehumidifier during warm months. Clean up any spills promptly and thoroughly. If any area of your home, such as your basement or under your sink, suffers water damage, contact the repair specialists at RestorePro for advice.

How Mold Can Be Dangerous

  • Mold can cause many symptoms that resemble that of a cold or allergies, including a stuffy nose. This is one of the first signs of a mold infestation that people become aware of, although they may not know the cause. The more the mold grows, the more spores are released into the air.
  • Some people have a particularly strong allergic reaction when exposed to mold. For these people, hidden mold can cause severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing. If you’re experiencing shortness of breath and think you may have mold growing on your property, it’s essential to contact a professional. Those who have asthma may also be vulnerable to mold spores, and could see an increase in asthma attacks.
  • A few types of mold can cause itchy, irritated skin reactions. This can appear in the form of hives, rashes, and other symptoms.
  • In addition to annoying allergy symptoms, certain varieties of mold have the potential to cause serious illness, especially for children and those who are immunocompromised. Prolonged exposure could not only cause serious symptoms such as upper respiratory irritation, but in a few rare cases, complications can lead to death.

Why You Should Call RestorePro

Preventing and reducing moisture is the most critical factor to eliminate mold in your home. The professionals at RestorePro have 20 years of experience with emergency and disaster cleanup. Count on our technicians for fast, thorough remediation of your home or business’s mold problem. If you suspect that your property has a mold infestation, or if it has suffered significant water damage, contact RestorePro today at 1-800-847-0114. Our technicians have the tools necessary to find hidden mold infestations and are fully certified in mold remediation.