The Dangers of Cleaning Up a Sewage Spill Yourself

Cleaning up sewage is probably the grossest task any homeowner will have to face. With a small spill, many homeowners will put on a pair of gloves and tough it out. However, with larger spills, this is not only unpleasant; it can be extremely dangerous. Here is why you should think twice before handling a spill yourself.

Reason 1: It Can Hold Dangerous Pathogens

Raw sewage can hold many dangerous pathogens from E-coli to Hepatitis. The longer it sits, the more dangerous it can become. Just because you wear a pair of gloves does not mean you can safely avoid coming in contact with it. Plus, disposal can prove difficult and even illegal to safely do. This requires professionals with high-grade cleaning equipment, protective gear, and the training to safely do it.

Improperly cleaning up after a sewage spill can leave these dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites which can make you or your loved ones dangerously ill. Oftentimes it can take more than just household cleaning agents to properly disinfect affected surfaces.

Reason 2:  It Can Be Difficult to Detect

Many homeowners who try to clean up sewage spills on their own will find that it often is not easy to find everywhere it has gone. Oftentimes the smell of a disfigured wall or cabinet weeks or months down the line can be the only sign that the cleaning wasn’t enough.

Sewage cleanup professionals have the training and specialized equipment necessary to detect where sewage may have seeped into. Often this is into the building materials themselves, which will require intensive cleaning tools that homeowners will not have access to.

Reason 3: The Cost

You might think you’d be saving money by doing the job yourself, especially since you likely have a lot of extra expenses currently. However, saving a little money right now could lead to large expenses in the future. Besides the serious health risks of dealing with raw sewage, you could find your health and your family’s health at further risk in the future due to mold growth. If the sewage is not properly cleaned up, there is a high risk of mold, and mold remediation can be very expensive if it isn’t dealt with before it has the time to spread. So, carefully consider whether or not you believe you can effectively clean up the sewage before you risk it.

Final Thoughts

Sewage cleanup is not only unpleasant; it can be dangerous and require training and equipment that aren’t available to the average homeowner. So, do your home and nose a favor and contact a sewage cleanup professional before more serious damage can occur.

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