Steps To Take Before Your Business Experiences Commercial Water Damage And Mold

Commercial business owners are all about prevention and maintenance to lessen the risk of unexpected costs. Most especially since many businesses are forced to close down during water damage repairs or mold remediation, looking for the warning signs is vital to lessen a business’s losses including financial, unpaid employee work days, or customer and vendor inconveniences. Thankfully, Restore Pro will respond immediately and minimalize the risk of economic hardship.

Implement Protocol For Business Best Practices, Policies, And Procedures

As a business owner, you must implement a protocol for employee best practices including policies and procedures that include mold prevention plans, investigation, application, clean-up, and repair. Establishing best practices is also vital as it allows your employees to prevent mold growth activity by cleaning surfaces like walls, floors, equipment, or air duct and vents. Having a plan in place is important since most insurance policies do not cover mold remediation. It will give your employees peace-of-mind that in the event that a water emergency occurs, there is a strict adherence to policy and procedure that includes employee relocation or paid time off.

Train Your Employees To Identify Mold Causes And Exposure Symptoms

While mold is found in all commercial buildings, there are ways to reduce the quantity and type of spores considerably. Exposure to some mold types will also cause your employees to suffer from respiratory illnesses, fatigue, skin conditions, nausea, and dizziness. That said, your employees are your first line of defense in finding the cause of moisture and mold as well as exposure symptoms that affect productivity. Not only will mold contribute to sanitation and exposure, but it leaves your business at risk for a potential lawsuit if the damages are widespread.

Identify Potential Mold Causes

It is important to know that mold will grow and expand any time it is exposed to oxygen and moisture. Even a small leak can turn into a massive mold problem if it is not properly addressed by business owners which is why it is important to look for possible mold causes and conditions.

  • Make Water Damage Repairs Quickly
  • Perform Regular Building Maintenance Checks
  • Monitor Moisture Levels, Condensation, And Humidity Levels
  • Train Employees Regularly On Procedures, Sanitation, And Clean-Up
  • Perform Landscaping To Prevent Water Infiltration Into Your Building
  • Post EPA Approved Educational Material On Mold Signs And Symptoms

Hire A Water Damage And Mold Remediation Company To Perform Regular Checks

If you are noticing an increase in moisture due to water infiltration or are unsure of its source, it is an excellent idea to hire a water damage company like Restore Pro to make a professional assessment. Our experts at Restore Pro also provide mold remediation and structural construction services, so we know the signs to look for including access points and indicators of future leaks. Allowing us to perform seasonal maintenance checks will further lessen the high costs associated with water leaks, flood damage, and the need for mold remediation which disrupts your business.

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