Has your home or business suffered from a fire?  If the answer is yes then give RestorePro a call today!  Our professional technicians work quickly to prevent further damage and restore your property and its contents back to their pre-fire condition.  At RestorePro we offer state of the art cleaning services and equipment that is handled by our experienced and trusted professionals.

It is imperative that clean up begin immediately following the fire as many factors can affect the levels of contamination and amount of mitigation that may be needed.  There are a few major factors that can affect the level of damage and it is crucial to understand how each affects mitigation and restoration.


As hot air from a fire combines with smoke, it rises and then moves to cooler areas and surfaces such as outer walls and windows.  Then, as the air cools, it sinks and follows the contours of the wall.  Then more hot air rises and the pattern continue in a circular fashion of rising, moving, and sinking as the air heats up and cools off.  This pattern of airflow can circulate the smoke throughout your home and you’ll find that soot and smoke residue will settle on the ceiling above fireplaces, the outer cells of the room, windows, and on the inner parts of draperies.  Blinds and shades can also be affected and tend to hold a larger concentration of smoke residue than the surrounding areas.

Surrounding Areas

As smoke is carried to cooler areas by the hot air smoke particles will land on surfaces throughout your property.  Smoke particles are particularly tricky as they are microscopic and can penetrate even the smallest openings and can damage the areas of your home that might not have been directly affected by the fire.  Smoke particles are often found in drawers, closets, above suspended ceilings, behind radiators, and even in ducts and water pipes which means that they can be carried to other parts of your home.


Time is also a crucial element to successful restoration after the devastating effects of a fire.  Smoke is actually acidic and that combined with moisture or any humidity can actually speed up the corrosive nature of the smoke particles left behind.  Therefore, it is better to get the residue cleaned up as quickly as possible.  Usually the best restoration results occur when the affected areas are cleaned and treated within 72 hours following a fire.  All surfaces such as porcelain finishes, painted finishes, and synthetic materials will permanently stain if they are not cleaned up and treated as soon as possible.

Each of these factors can change the clean up and restoration required and while every situation may be different the best chances for a successful process is by working with the professionals at RestorePro!  Our technicians are trained and experienced in smoke and fire damage restoration and they understand the science and behavior of fires and smoke.  They can react quickly to your needs and can help prevent overall damage to your property.

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