Signs and Dangers of Water Damage

No matter how careful we are to look after our homes at some point you are likely to see some signs of water damage.  Anything from weather issues such as hurricane, floods, tornadoes, or earthquakes to faulty pipes and plumbing problems can find a way to create extensive damage.  At RestorePro we understand the importance of taking care of water damage at its source as soon as possible.  Read on to find out about the main signs of water damage as well as how it can be harmful.

Signs of Water Damage

It is fairly easy to see the water damage caused by flooding, but there are also many more subtle causes of water damage that may not at first be noticeable.  You may even be living with water damage for an extended period of time without even knowing about the possible dangers it may present.

Make sure to look for water stains around windows and doors which may be an indicator that water is seeping in through cracks or poor sealing.  Also, check your drywall periodically for areas that are soft or swollen.  This may be an indicator that water is seeping into your walls.  If water has found its way into your walls it means that mold and mildew could also be growing.  Another good sign of water damage is buckling or warping of hardwood floors.  These signs are great to look for not only on a regular basis, but especially if your home has recently endured a major calamity, but seems to be unscathed.  There may be something that you have missed.  In these cases it is a good idea to call a professional like RestorePro to help you make sure you have taken care of all potential water problems before they become a real health and/ or safety issue.

Other parts of your home you should be aware of are the kitchen, around sinks, the refrigerator and dishwasher, and in the bathroom around the tub, shower, and toilet.  These two rooms can be highly vulnerable to pipe leaks or bursts, standing water, and hidden areas that can accumulate water and therefore water damage.

Why Water Damage is Harmful

We all know that water can damage the structural integrity of your home, but there are also a host of health issues to consider.  Remember that a home and the things in it can be replaced, but your family and their health cannot.  Where there is water damage and moisture you can be sure mold and mildew is primed to grow and thrive.  Mold is the cause of many health issues such as infections, respiratory issues, and sometimes death.

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