Should I Replace My Water Damaged Carpet?

Whenever flooding is present on your property, it needs to be solved immediately. Porous materials such as bedding, building materials, and particularly carpets quickly absorb water and can be quickly damaged by it.

Let’s focus on the most vulnerable of these items, carpets. Sometimes the damage can be repaired however it depends on a few factors. The two biggest factors include the length of exposure and how contaminated the water is.

Carpeting is costly, so we know how much you would like to prevent the need to replace it. Luckily repair is often possible, so let’s discuss how to decide if you should replace your water-damaged carpet.

Categories of Damage and Their Meaning

Water damage is classified into 3 categories. These are categories 1, 2, and 3. The higher the number, the greater the damage, but let’s look at what these categories mean more specifically.

Category 1: Restorable

Category 1 damage is caused by clean water such as rain, a clean water pipe, or other drinking water sources. This water contains small or non-existent contamination, so it’s safe to contact.

Carpets with category 1 damage can typically be restored if they are treated within 48 hours. Professional water damage restoration technicians will typically clean and sanitize the carpet as well as remove excess water.

If the carpet is wet for longer than 48 hours, the water will often become contaminated and cause greater damage. This is then regarded as category 2 damage, and the time until this occurs can be hastened by the presence of items such as certain chemicals, metals, and other contaminants.

Category 2: Restoration May Be Possible

Category 2 water damage involves contaminated water, which could be harmful to drink or come in contact with however does not contain particularly dangerous contaminants. This water is often referred to as greywater, and the most common sources of this type of water in your house would be used bath or washing machine water.

A good rule of thumb for flooding damage from greywater is that the carpet is likely salvageable if it is professionally treated within 48 hours. Unfortunately, the padding for your carpet cannot be salvaged and will simply need to be replaced.

Without treatment within 48 hours, category 2 water damage is assumed to escalate to category 3. This is because, without treatment, dangerous bacteria and other severe contaminants can grow and thrive, turning the grey water into black water.

Category 3: Carpet Must Be Replaced

Category 3 water damage is damage caused by black water and is the most severe kind. This kind of water often contains sewage as well as possibly other harmful contaminants that will soak into your carpeting.

This kind of water damage may come from natural disasters, toilet backflows, as well as many other sources.

Unfortunately, category 3 water damage is severe and typically cannot be repaired even by professionals. In cases of water damage involving black water, it is much safer to replace the carpet.

Saving Your Carpet

If your carpet suffers from water damage, the best way to save it is to call for professional assistance immediately. Time is often the difference between saving your carpet and replacing it.

The same applies to other water damage as well. If your home suffers from water damage, don’t hesitate to call a professional water damage restoration technician to prevent damage to your home and belongings.

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