Sewage backups are among the most common causes of sewage water damage to a home. When wastewater pipes are blocked, sewage water can overflow from city and residential pipes into your home through its plumbing system. This can cause substantial property destruction and major health consequences due to disease-causing bacteria and microbes.

Since sewer backups are considered an emergency it is very important to have sewage removal performed quickly and properly by a certified and reputable sewage removal company.

RestorePro has highly trained professionals who are quick to tackle critical sewage removal tasks thereby protecting families and properties from the effects of sewage damage

Dealing with sewer backups can be extremely hazardous. Below are some of the factors that cause sewer damage:

  • Blockage due to solid flushes.
  • Structural defects such as broken and misaligned pipes.
  • Tree root infiltration into the sewage system
  • City sewer backup or surge. 

From initial damage control to contents restoration, our contractors here at RestorePro are ready to face any obstacle caused by sewer backup. Our team will quickly get to work to contain the damage, remove the contaminated waste and water, and clean and restore your property to pre-loss condition.

During the sewage removal process, our highly-skilled technicians always consider the types of materials affected, degree of damage, the extent of contaminated absorbent material, total contact time as well as the amount of ventilation available.

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