One of the first things that may go through your mind when you find yourself in the midst of a sewage backup disaster is to clean up as fast as you can.  However, you need to step back and protect yourself from the hidden dangers that lurk in raw sewage.  This is one instance where your best decision should be calling in a professional.

At Restore Pro, we understand all the hidden dangers associated with raw sewage.  Just like water, sewage will flow into every nook and cranny.  Without proper training, you’re not likely to get all of the sludge when you attempt to clean it up yourself.

Here are just a few of the reasons we suggest giving us a call:

  1. Your health—The bacteria, parasites, and viruses that live in raw sewage will make you very, very sick. At Restore Pro, we take proper steps to protect ourselves from the hazards of these microscopic organisms.  Additionally, we have the industrial tools and cleaning solutions necessary to ensure your surfaces and home’s hidden cracks are thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Your wallet—Handling a sewage cleanup on your own will be more costly than dealing with a professional company. Chances are the sewage backup will be covered by your insurance company.  They can suggest restoration crews that will return your home to the way it was.  Tackling the problem on your own, means you could miss spots that certified professionals will not miss, leaving you with water and mold damage down the road, and thus, more costs to you that, most likely, will not be covered by insurance.
  3. Your peace of mind—If we haven’t said it enough, we’ll say it again. The raw sewage will seep into every hidden pore and pocket it can find.  Professionals are trained to seek these spaces out to ensure every inch of the mess is cleaned up and sanitized.

Our specialists at Restore Pro are ready to handle your sewage cleanup in an expertly manner.  Prompt cleanup and attention to detail ensures your home is free of the harmful microorganisms that could send you to the hospital for days.  We understand your need to restore your home as quickly as possible and respond to your emergency situations 24/7.

Sewage backups can be caused by invasive tree roots, clogged pipes, or collapsed pipes and sewer lines.  Unfortunately, these tend to go unnoticed until it is too late.  Should any of these cause raw sewage to backup into your home, give us a call immediately.  You can reach our Sewage Cleanup experts at 1-800-847-0114 or visit our Facebook page at to learn more about our emergency services.  We’ll restore your home so that you and your family can, once again, enjoy it in a safe, germ-free environment.