As a homeowner, very few incidents are as bad as a sewage issue in your home.  Of course, any disaster can be hard to navigate such as a flood or fire; but it is the gross-factor with raw sewage that makes this cleanup job unique.

If your home has a sewage problem, you are likely to have raw sewage spilling out onto your floor and coming into contact with everything in the immediate area.  The best advice is to call your insurance company immediately so they can put you in touch with a list of professionals who have specialized training in removing the harmful matter from your home.

At Restore Pro, we work closely with insurance companies to help homeowners clean up after a sewage problem.  We find the source of the problem, address and repair the issue, and properly clean the area; sanitizing the space so you and your family are safe from harmful bacteria that resides in sewage.

Occasionally, we hear of homeowners that have tackled this chore on their own.  The questions that arise often center on what to do with your damaged ‘stuff’.  Here are some guidelines that we follow.

  • Take pictures and record everything for insurance purposes.
  • Professionally clean any porous material like curtains, bedding, and clothing. Call your dry-cleaners to see if they can clean and sanitize the material.  If they can’t, throw it out.
  • If furniture was affected, call a specialized upholstery cleaning company to see if the furniture is salvageable. If not, throw it out.
  • Wipe down or soak non-porous items with a bleach and water mixture. Dry the items thoroughly once they are clean.  In some cases, you will need to clean multiple times in order to make sure every crevice of the item is clean.
  • Toys, teddy bears, and other children’s items are likely to be contaminated if they came into contact with the water. Though you may be able to clean some of these items, the risk to children’s health is serious.  Small children may put items in their mouth or touch the toy and then suck their thumb or finger.  It is best to toss out all toys and stuffed animals that come into contact with raw sewage.
  • Carpet will need to be replaced as the sewage water will seep into the fibers and padding and be difficult to clean and sanitize. Hard flooring may be salvageable with proper sanitizing but you’ll need to make sure the sub-flooring is intact, clean, and dry.
  • Storage containers that come into contact with sewage waters should be thoroughly inspected and sanitized. The inner contents are hopefully fine and well-protected, but the plastic boxes will need to be cleaned with bleach and hot water, and dried before storing them again.
  • Cardboard boxes should be thrown out immediately. Salvaging the contents inside the boxes will depend on the type of material.
  • Books, magazines, pictures, and electronics will need to be thrown out. You can salvage pictures by snapping a picture of it if possible.

When cleaning up after a sewage leak in your home, always wear protective gear and remove your shoes and clothing when leaving the affected area so you don’t cross-contaminate other places in your home.  Also, always make sure to wash your hands and exposed skin with bacterial soap.  It’s a big job to clean up and dangerous to your health if done incorrectly.  If you happen to have a need for sewage cleanup, consider letting our professionals handle it so you can have peace of mind that your belongings are cared for and cleaned the right way.

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