Any plumbing emergency is a pain.  It usually involves water pouring out of a broken pipe or an overflowing toilet.  However, a clog in your sewer drain presents an even bigger problem.  If the sewage water doesn’t have a place to go, it will eventually back up into your home.  Learn how to recognize the signs of a sewer clog so you can avoid health risks that are associated with sewage.

Here are a few signs that you can watch for.  If you experience any one of these, call a professional immediately or take steps to fix the problem yourself.

  • Your plumbing fixtures don’t function properly. Your toilets will be one of the first things that will show a problem.  If they do not flush like normal, you may have a clog.  Sinks and showers can back up as well when you flush your toilet.  If you notice water coming up in your toilet when you run your sink, or if your shower fills up with water, then it is possible that you have a problem with your main sewer line.
  • Your kitchen’s sink drains slowly. If water is slow to drain even after running the disposal, you could have a sewer line clog.  Check other fixtures in your home to see if they are working properly.  It may be that you only have a clogged sink from improper disposal of food items or grease.
  • If your shower is slow to drain, it could be a sign of a potential problem. Use a snake to make sure it isn’t simply a clogged drain from soap scum and hair.  If the problem persists, you may have an issue with the sewer line out of your home.
  • Your washing machine is another place to look. If the machine doesn’t drain properly, there could be a problem preventing proper drainage.

Any time your plumbing fixtures act up, it is best to seek help.  Prompt attention to a water problem will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.  If the problem goes on for too long, you could face a larger cleanup issue.  With a sewage clog, the water, both clean and dirty, needs a place to go.  If you have a clog, it will back up into your home.  When that happens, you’ll have a major cleanup and restoration task to address.  Raw sewage carries harmful bacteria and disease that can affect your health and you need to remove it immediately in a safe manner.

If you do experience a sewage leak or problem, call a professional immediately.  Fast action is required to safely sanitize the affected area to prevent harmful contamination.  Our experts at Restore Pro understand the necessity of working quickly.  We’ll work with you to create a plan to restore your home back to the way it was.  The area will be properly cleaned, dried, and sanitized.  Our Sewage Cleanup plan will keep you and your family safe from the hazards associated with raw sewage.

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