Restoring Your Belongings After a Fire

So what do you do when the unthinkable happens? Your home has caught on fire and emergency services responded. Once the fire is put out, they tell you that you can safely enter your home. It’s time to begin the cleanup process, but you don’t know what can be salvaged and what has to be discarded. The experts at RestorePro Inc know how to handle all of your belongings to get your life back to normal.

Household Appliances and Furniture
Many items with electronics components can be damaged beyond repair when they come into contact with water. Unfortunately, this means that firefighting efforts might be worse than the actual fire when it comes to certain items. However, many items can be easily restored. Wooden furnishings can be cleaned and refinished. Upholstered items like sofas and chairs can be cleaned or reupholstered. Many appliances can be cleaned and repaired as well.

Computers and Electronics
Sensitive electronics often have to be replaced. If they get wet during the extinguishing process then it is unlikely that they can be restored. However, an expert may be able to retrieve important data and documents from computers. If they stayed dry but experienced smoke damage, many items like televisions and stereo equipment can be repaired.

Draperies, Clothing, and Linens
Fabrics can often be cleaned after a fire. Basic laundering or dry cleaning may be sufficient, but items that have come into contact with wet soot may need special cleaning. Many professional cleaners have experience in removing soot and smoke odors from fabrics.

Cookware, Utensils, and Dinnerware
While most cookware is designed to hold up to heat, few can handle the intense temperatures of a house fire. However, if they aren’t damaged by the heat and flames, they are generally restorable. Thankfully, the majority of your kitchen items are easy to clean after contact with soot and smoke, and simple household cleaners should suffice for most materials. Some plastic food storage containers will absorb smoke odors and might need to be discarded.

Tools and Lawn Equipment
Most tools and lawn equipment are easily restored after a fire. Smoke and soot can be washed off. Some tools with electronic components may be damaged by contact with water, but most are designed to stand up to hard wear and can be repaired.

Fine Art and Collectibles
If you have collectible items or fine art in your home, they are a major concern after a fire. Many items in this category are unreplaceable. Thankfully, many can be restored after a fire. Professional art restorers can work magic on damaged paintings, sculptures, and other objects. However, if you have extremely valuable items, it is a good idea to look over your insurance policy before you face a disaster. You may need additional coverage to make sure that these are protected. A costly repair or loss might be a big problem if you don’t have sufficient coverage.

Jewelry, Watches, and Other Small Valuables
If you have expensive or antique jewelry, these can often be cleaned and restored by a qualified jeweler. Some modern watches contain sensitive electronics, but most older ones can be cleaned by a watch repairman. Like fine art, you should review your insurance coverage to make sure that you have adequate coverage limits for your jewelry.

There are many different ways to restore your possessions after a fire. Ultrasonic cleaning, dry cleaning sponges, ozone deodorization, and other specialized techniques can be used to bring your damaged belongings back to life. When you experience a fire, flooding, or any other disaster, call on the pros at RestorePro Inc. Our highly skilled team can help get your home and everything in it back to pre-event condition as quickly as possible. Call us at 1-800-847-0114 today and see what we can do for you!