There are a lot of different, unpleasant situations that can come up in life. As a property owner, you might be faced with fire, flood, or destructive storms at any time. Even unexciting events like a small leak can lead to major damage if it isn’t discovered quickly. If you have to deal with a tough situation like this, Restore Pro is waiting to help you.

Our team can guide you through the entire process so you will know what to expect. We know that it can be a frightening and stressful time. From working with your insurance adjustor to putting the finishing touches on your restored property, we are with you every step of the way.

In fact, working with your insurance company is one of our focuses. We know that most people faced with a disaster have never been through anything like it before. The insurance claims’ process can be overwhelming and confusing. Our staff has decades of experience in this area, and we work with you and your insurance adjustor to make sure that the paperwork is handled properly and everything goes smoothly.

It’s important to call in the experts right away. Water damage can quickly get worse if not addressed immediately. When you call us, we will ask you some questions to help determine the extent of the damage and the water source if possible. This helps us to determine what kind of services you are likely to need and make sure we match your project up with the best members of our Water Damage Restoration team.

On our first visit to your home, our expert will check out your entire property. They are looking for the source of water or moisture as well as signs of water damage. In addition to the obvious problems that you can see, they are trained to see subtle hidden signals that can mean problems that are less obvious.

The next step is water extraction or removal. As soon as possible, we start the drying process. With water damage, the longer the moisture is present the more serious the damage is going to be. We get started quickly to minimize the chances of developing mildew or mold. We might use pumps, vacuums, fans, or other methods to dry out the affected area. Because the water can seep deep inside walls, floors, and other materials, we use dehumidifiers after the visible water is removed to draw out any remaining moisture.

The next stage of the restoration process is to clean and sanitize the building and its contents. Water can affect much more than just walls and floors. Furniture, clothing, electronics, and other belongings need to be dried out and cleaned. Some can be restored using normal household cleaners, while others might need specialized techniques. Many electronics and appliances might have to be replaced.

Our team will then replace materials such as drywall and flooring, damaged ceilings, and other parts of the structure. Plumbing and electrical wiring might be repaired or replaced. After any major construction is complete, we will paint and finish the property so it is returned to pre-event condition.

If you’re a property owner, chances are pretty good that you will experience some type of water damage at some point. If you do, call on us at Restore Pro. With over 20 years experience here in Massachusetts, we can handle your water damage restoration project from start to finish. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 1-800-847-0114.