Restore Pro Tips for Filing Fire Damage Restoration Insurance Claims

Any time you experience a fire, it is a distressing experience. Not only will you likely lose some personal possessions, but the cost of fire damage restoration can be expensive. According to national averages, the price for fire damage restoration is over $13,000 with some paying more than $27,000. There is also the added frustration of dealing with water damage, soot, and smoke damage. That is why your fire damage insurance is such an essential asset. Here are Restore Pro’s tips for filing fire damage restoration insurance claims before getting projects started.

The Insurance Claim Process

Filing your property damage insurance claim is the simple part. What you will soon find is that there is a lot of paperwork, inspections, and findings that determine how quickly the insurance claim process goes. Recompense also depends on the type of loss you sustain and the fire damage restoration method you will require to fully restore your home. There are also complexities like how much smoke, soot, or fire damage there is as well as the overall cost of fire damage restoration for each component. Smoke travels quicker than fire and tends to coat appliances, furniture, and personal possessions in a more widespread environment as well.

Tip One: Hire A Fire Damage Restoration Company

The quickest and most reliable way to handle a property fire is to hire a fire restoration company. Our Restore Pro staffers communicate directly with insurance companies every day and have extensive knowledge on filing fire damage restoration claims. You will feel more confident that your insurer is paying out a fair settlement when you have an expert on your side. You will even know that your insurer will receive a full inspection and assessment on your behalf before deciding on the insurance claim compensation amount.

Tip Two: Assess The Damage With A Professional

Even though our fire damage restoration experts will perform a full inspection and assessment, you should be mindful of visually assessing the damage so that you have a clear understanding of property damage. It allows you to document your losses and then prepare realistically for alternative housing, which fire insurance claims will often pay.

Tip Three: Document Fire Damage For Insurance

While homeowners will need to rely on fire damage restoration experts for structural damage documentation, we will also help you document your personal property losses, including furniture, household appliances, personal possessions, and valuables. We itemize losses and do not forget small things like linens, blinds, and other items you will need to replace. Create a binder and add communication with the insurer, fire damage restoration company, bills, receipts of your expenses, and photos of the fire damage.  You should also differentiate between the things that will be cleaned and replaced as that will make a massive difference in the cost factors your insurance company will consider.

Remember that these are things that must be done before the fire damage restoration process will begin, so it helps to have Restore Pro there with you as soon as the fire department contains the fire, which is why we are on call 24/7/365. Contact us at 1-800-847-0114 or on Facebook here.