Reconstruct or Remodel? Things to Consider About Fire Damage Restoration

No homeowner wants to experience a house fire. On the chance you do, it’s a good time to think about if you’re going to reconstruct or remodel. If your family is growing, or you bought your home with the intention of renovating later, fire damage restoration gives you the chance to make construction changes. Here are a few things to consider with Restore Pro during our consultation.

  1. File an Insurance Claim To Set A Budget

Your financial situation is a vital component to consider before deciding on what path to follow. You may decide with Restore Pro inspectors that it will be cheaper to reconstruct the home using the existing infrastructure and build an add-on. Or, you might decide it is better to use the current framing to remodel several of your interior rooms. By understanding your budget, you have more freedom to make these financial decisions.

  1. Develop A Fire Damage Restoration Plan

Sitting down with our fire damage restoration experts will allow you to define your requirements and provide your input on what you would like to keep or discard. It will enable our construction experts the time to develop a fire damage restoration plan. You will also receive a job timeline, costs, and our fire damage restoration recommendations. This will give you the information you need to decide whether to reconstruct or remodel.

  1. Remove Fire Damaged Articles

Once restoration begins, it’s essential to remove all the damaged furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. We will help you separate the good from the bad, and send any salvageable furniture or goods to our office for a professional-grade cleaning that will remove any smoke, soot, and odor. It also allows our fire damage restoration specialists to get a clear understanding of foundation damage that might hinder remodeling goals.

  1. Dry The Home Out

If your home received water damage from the fire, it would be necessary to dry out the house before the restoration or remodeling process can begin. This step is incredibly important because it will allow us to re-inspect to ensure the building materials are not burned or warped. This phase also reduces the likelihood that your home won’t develop a mold growth problem. There will also be issues with electricity and plumbing, which will require additional repair. We will re-inspect the space and decide on the best method for moving forward with the construction, fire damage restoration, and remodeling plans.

  1. Begin Reconstruction or Remodeling

Once everything has been approved, our Restore Pro professionals will speak with the homeowner to reaffirm the reconstruction or remodeling order in case there was a  change in your insurance payout or you’ve changed your mind. We’ll also begin prepping the home so that we can start working in the spaces that need restoration.  Depending on how much damage your home received, you might also consider temporary housing. Finding an alternative to hotels will help you save more money.

The fire damage restoration specialists at Restore Pro are always on call for fire damage emergencies. Just call 1-800-847-0114 or visit