Protecting Your Tenants and Yourself

Anyone who owns rental or investment properties knows that it is important to keep buildings in good repair. If someone is injured because of damaged flooring or a weakened railing, you as the owner can be held responsible. In addition to legal and financial responsibility, no property owner wants to know that someone was injured because you he or she failed to maintain the premises.

Since 1997, RestorePro Inc has been working with people and businesses in the area to make sure, after a big storm, a fire, or other adverse event, that their investment and rental properties are properly restored. If you cut corners on repairs after your property is damaged, then you can be held liable if someone is later injured.

There are certain areas where it is extra important to make sure everything is in good shape. Handrails and railings, stairs, flooring, and swimming pools are areas that often lead to injuries.

  • Handrails and Railings – These are especially critical on second floor or higher decks and balconies. However, even lower platforms should have safe railings to prevent falls. Make sure that they are sturdy and secure. Rail spacing should be checked to make sure it meets building codes so small children can’t slip through.
  • Stairs – One of the most common causes of accidental household injuries, stairs can be a big risk for people of all ages. Sturdy handrails can go a long way towards improving safety. Make sure that the stairs are a uniform size and any carpeting is secure. Wood and concrete stairs can become slippery when wet so you may want to add treads or non slip mats.
  • Flooring – Uneven flooring and loose floorboards are common tripping hazards. Wood and composite flooring can warp when exposed to water for long periods of time, so after a flood you should be extra diligent in watching the floors for damage. Loose and frayed carpet as well as unsecured rugs can also cause people to trip.
  • Swimming Pools and Water Features – While a big draw to potential renters, a swimming pool or hot tub can also be dangerous. Make sure you know the local requirements when it comes to fencing and other safety measures. Pool alarms, covers, and other items are available at your local pool supply store.
  • Other Issues – A relatively easy and cost-effective way to increase safety is to make sure that lighting is adequate. Stairs, doorways, and sloping paths can be a problem if they are dark. It’s also a good idea to make sure cabinets, shelving, and tall heavy furniture are secure and won’t topple over.

Whether your rental property is damaged because of a storm, fire, water, or another type of damage, it’s important to make sure that it is properly restored. RestorePro Inc has been working with local property owners for nearly 20 years to make sure that their homes and businesses are returned to pre-event condition as efficiently as possible. When you call 1-800-847-0114 you are making the right choice.