Pre-Loss And Post-Loss Practices That Reduce Fire Restoration Costs

Fires occur for many reasons including natural disasters, lightning, and arson. In 2016, there were 31,889 fires in Massachusetts that caused more than $258.6 million in property damage losses. In New Hampshire, there was more than $165 million in residential property damage between 2004 and 2014. In the US this year, insurance companies have paid more than $300 million in restoration costs. For wood-framed homes, apartments, and new-constructions, there are additional risks that pre and post-loss best practices will help to reduce fire restoration costs.

Homes Or Businesses That Have Elevated Risk Of Fire

Wood is often a go-to material for building contractors as it is an affordable option. It is also a material that raises the risk of property losses from fire damage as it engulfs quickly and increases the likelihood of total structural and personal property losses. The use of wood also is more vulnerable to environmental factors, secondary factors like arson, and natural disasters.

Pre-Loss Contractor Control
Many things can be mitigated during the building process by because of proven best practice pre-loss techniques. As an example, contractors who work directly with fire restoration and clean-up companies will ensure that there are plans in place to react when structural fires occur quickly.

Building contractors can also develop response plans that define steps that should occur when fire damages property that needs clean-up and restoration services. Working with companies like Restore Pro who offer fire restoration, water damage, and construction also improves timeliness.

There is also a higher likelihood that construction and restoration companies will work together to research new techniques and equipment that further reduces property losses. Research during the pre-loss stage also ensures the right tools are available during a building and restoration job.

There is also an uptick in accidental fires which pre-loss planning can reduce significantly. Planning during the pre-loss stage also adds forethought about the value of sprinkler systems or other essential fire prevention, training, and safety measures that reduce property losses.

Coordinating with your staff during the building and restoration process to monitor and identify potential safety hazards will further promote safety and reduce overall fire damage costs.  There is also a higher probability of arson and accidental fires occurring during the building process because of these hazards which inspections and security protocols will reduce immensely.

Best Practices For Post-Losses

It is critical for post-loss contractors to have in the place pre-loss implemented practices for claim management and restoration. If you have the right experts and personnel in place, it will ensure that companies will help homeowners and businesses get back in their structures quickly.

A restoration company that understands there are multiple facets of a construction business has the knowledge to immediately assess and go to work restoring a property to a pre-loss condition. It is also critical to have in place protocols to communicate effectively with interdepartmental staff, homeowners, insurance adjusters, business agents, building contractors, engineers, local oversight agencies, product and material providers, and local emergency management services.

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