When disaster strikes, it can come in many forms. While there are many things that you can do to protect your property, no one is 100% safe. At RestorePro we know that property damage is rarely simple. We are here to help you navigate the property restoration process.

Fire Brings Water

When the fire department is done, you are left with a home that has been damaged by fire and smoke. The cleaning of soot and charred materials is a big job. It only gets worse when you consider the water left behind. Most large fires are extinguished with water. The remaining structure is vulnerable to major water damage and mold if it isn’t handled right away.

Water Brings Mold

There are many sources of water damage, but they can all lead to the same thing. Leaky plumbing, storm waters, and even high humidity can leave you with a major mold problem. At RestorePro, we have highly trained mold remediation professionals. Our team is trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications, a highly regarded industry organization. Mold remediations is a complicated process. It has to be done right to make sure mold doesn’t return.

Black and Gray Water Bring All Kinds of Things

Most water damage comes from rain or other clean sources. However, in some cases, the water isn’t that safe. Gray water is normal household wastewater, such as that from sinks and bathtubs. It can contain some unpleasant things like bacteria and other germs, so it should be cleaned up quickly. However, it is generally safe to clean it using household cleaners and basic hygiene precautions. Black water is another story. It often comes from flooding rivers and broken sewage lines. Black water can carry human waste and other dangerous things. It must be cleaned using biohazard precautions to prevent disease from spreading.

Storms Bring Everything

Major storms can leave you with any type of damage. Strong winds and flying debris can cause damage to the structure of the home as well as breaking windows and architectural details. Driving rain and floodwaters can lead to different types of water damage. Lightning can cause fires in your home or surrounding trees.

The professionals at RestorePro are available 24 hours a day. From your first phone call to the finishing touches on your restoration, we are at your side. We offer complete property restoration services, so you can count on us to handle all aspects of your project until it is returned to pre-event condition.

Generally, the restoration process follows this basic pattern.

  • Emergency Call – 24 hour availability
  • Securing Property – roof tarps, board up openings
  • Inspection – complete property inspection
  • Planning – we work with you and your insurance company to develop a restoration plan
  • Water Removal/Drying – may use pumps, vacuums, dehumidifiers, or other equipment
  • Clean-up – surfaces cleaned, belonging may be cleaned on site or removed
  • Repair/Replacement – materials in the home may be replaced or repaired, depending on condition

Our experienced crew can make sure your restoration project delivers results. Our complete line of services ensures that you will be taken care of. Give us a call as soon as disaster strikes.