Maybe you have noticed the little black lines of dots across your bathroom ceiling, a baseboard in the laundry room or floor of the sink cabinet in the kitchen. Your response is to wipe it down with bleach water. Yet it keeps coming back so you have to wipe it down every week. You have a chronic mold problem that will only go away with a complete remediation of the mold. Mold is alive, and it thrives in moist areas. If your basement never dries out completely because of seepage you will continue to find mold. Dry the area out by using a sump pump, dehumidifier and repairing the source of the seepage.

Mold at First Sight is Your Mold Remediation Warning

The mold you wipe off the wall in the bathroom or laundry room is likely a sign of bigger trouble.  Ask yourself what it looks like inside the wall if mold is growing outside the wall. At RestorePro we perform mold remediation regardless of the cause. In the example of your bathroom wall, we would open that wall to find out what is on the other side. Maybe we will find a slow leaking pipe we will repair. That will cut off the source of moisture mold needs to thrive. That is the easy part. The wall is likely full of mold and there is no telling how far it extends through the wall until we start removing it.  At RestorePro we have a team specially trained and certified to carry out remediation following recommended guidelines which are:

  • Identify moisture sources
  • Test mold growth
  • Contain damage
  • Remove mold contamination
  • Dry the affected area so mold will not return.
  • Return the mold infested area to original mold free condition.

Mold Remediation for a Healthy Environment

Have you been a guest in someone’s home and felt respiratory or sinus distress? They may have mold somewhere in the house and you may be allergic. Some molds are deadly but most household molds, while causing discomfort for some, are only deadly to your walls. When serious flooding occurs requiring evacuation for a week or two, the property owner will likely return to find mold conditions so severe that reconstruction of large portions of the home are necessary. Large job or small, RestorePro is equipped to eliminate the mold and restore the building to pre-mold condition.

Mold Remediation for New Homeowners

During the last seven or eight years, we at RestorePro have had opportunity to assist new homeowners. There has been a surplus of foreclosed homes on the market. Some of those homes have remained unoccupied for a year or two while the lender plows through foreclosure and auction. During that time, if the power is off sump pumps don’t work and mold can overtake large portions of the house. Our professional technicians have performed mold remediation and restored the environmental health of the home.

Check your home for damp areas, soft drywall and finally signs of black mold. Most people can smell the mold before they see it. It is far less expensive and healthier to stay ahead of any potential mold problems. If mold appears, call us at RestorePro and we will come out and assess the cause and spread of the mold. Remediation may be as simple as treating an area with a mold killer.

Call RestorePro at 781- 664-9800 for residents of Massachusetts and 603-253-2068 for those in New Hampshire.