Every homeowner knows that water can do a lot of damage to a home if it isn’t taken care of properly. However, at RestorePro we have met many property owners who didn’t realize the importance of prompt mold remediation. Any time that you have flooding, serious spills, or even high humidity, you should be aware of the risks of mold.

Mold likes to grow anywhere where there is moisture. It will especially thrive if it is dark and enclosed, such as in and under wet carpeting, behind plumbing fixtures, inside walls or cabinets, and in basement corners. The best way to prevent mold is to promptly clean up any affected areas and make sure that they get plenty of light and airflow.

If you do discover mold in your home, what should you do about it? The first thing is to call in the experts. The team at RestorePro is highly trained and has the equipment to safely eradicate your mold problem. We use special EPA approved moldicides to make sure that all traces of mold spores are destroyed. Some websites recommend using consumer products such as standard cleaners and bleach. Unfortunately, these often clean up the surface but fail to remove microscopic mold spores. The mold will return and you might possibly inhale mold spores while cleaning, which can result in serious health problems.

While most types of molds aren’t harmful, some can be extremely toxic and cause a wide array of problems, from respiratory symptoms to dementia and cognitive problems. Some of these might not be reversible, even after the mold is long gone. Even the most harmless molds can cause problems for vulnerable people, such as young children and those with asthma, allergies, or other health conditions.

When cleaning up mold affected areas, our experts use a variety of equipment to protect both our crew and your family. You can expect to see masks and ventilators, gloves, boot covers, disposable clothing, and eye protection. The affected area might be sealed off to prevent spores from spreading. You might even have to evacuate the home until the problem is resolved. While it is inconvenient, your safety is always our first priority.

In many cases, the area affected is small and isolated. If possible our team will simply clean up the mold-affected area and restore it to previous condition. Materials like carpet, drywall, and wood often have to be replaced. Non-porous items such as glass, metal, and others can often be cleaned and disinfected. In some cases, they may send samples off for testing to determine the exact type of mold before proceeding. If the mold covers a large area the remediation process can be extensive.

Hopefully, you will never experience a mold-related problem. However, if you do discover mold in your home, call 781-664-9800 and our highly trained professional team will respond quickly. We know that you need to keep your property safe. We will restore your home to pre-incident condition whether you have mold, fire damage, water damage, or other problems.  For more information visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911.