Mold remediation is a complex process that requires the right training and equipment if it’s going to be done right. Many general contractors have little or no experience dealing with mold. If left to someone inexperience, the mold might not be completely eradicated. When you have mold in your home or business, you want to turn to someone with the knowledge and experience to do it right. When you call Restore Pro, you can count on the results.

When you call a mold mitigation expert, you can expect the following services:

  • Testing and Identification – Some molds are more dangerous than others. Identifying the mold and determining how far it has spread is critical to a safe and thorough clean-up.
  • Safety Measures – Depending on the extent of the mold, an isolated area or room may be sealed off using plastic barriers. In some situations the entire structure may need to be vacated until the problem is dealt with.
  • Mold Removal – Affected materials may be cleaned or removed, depending on the infiltration. Porous materials like drywall, carpeting and pads, and wood flooring often have to be removed and replaced. Non-porous materials like glass, tile, and metals can usually be cleaned.
  • Drying and Dehumidification – Mold can’t grow without moisture. Your mold remediation expert will determine where the moisture came from and eliminate the source. Without taking steps to prevent more water from entering the area mold will return.
  • HVAC Inspection – The HVAC system needs to be inspected to make sure that mold spores are not spread throughout the home or business. Ductwork and filters are usually changed to prevent future problems.
  • Disposal – The disposal process is important in mold remediation. Affected materials should be removed from the property completely. Many local areas have regulations about the removal and disposal of potentially dangerous materials like mold. An experienced professional like the technicians at Restore Pro will make sure that all rules are followed.
  • Reconstruction – Once the mold problem has been eradicated, the property has to be restored to it’s pre-event condition. This often involved replacing drywall and flooring, painting walls, and replacing wires or outlets affected by moisture. Furniture and other belongings may be repaired or replaced.

Mold is one of the last things that any property owner wants to deal with. When you find mold in your home or business it can feel like the beginnings of a nightmare. If it isn’t cleaned up properly, mold can become a recurring problem that affects both your wallet and your home. However, if you call on Restore Pro, they can make sure that it’s handled quickly and correctly.