With spring around the corner, it’s time to don your gardening gloves and get ready to enjoy the outdoors.  In the course of a day or two you can have your yard cleaned up from the winter so you can prepare your landscape for spring blooms.   While you are working on your yard you can also take steps to prevent rain and snow run-off from damaging your home.

A handy landscaping plan will help you prevent water from seeping into your foundation and basement.  It can also help avoid problems associated with mold.

  1. Trim up trees and remove any dead or damaged branches. While trees are great at providing shade, they can also prevent enough sun from hitting your home.  The sun is helpful in drying out your roof and the ground around your foundation when it rains or when the snow is melting.
  2. Rake new mulch into your existing beds. If the areas are around your home’s exterior walls use dirt and mulch to create a slight slope away from your home.  This will help water drain away from your foundation.  In the spring, stirring up the mulch will also help loosen the soil so water doesn’t freeze into a large block which might cause water to drain incorrectly from your property.
  3. Aerate your soil to aid in drainage.  There are numerous companies in the area that provide this service, or you can rent the equipment from a home improvement store.
  4. Clean out your gutters and pick up any branches and twigs that fell over the winter. A heavy spring rain can push these items along with the water run-off until they build a dam that will prevent water from running away from your home.
  5. If you are adding to your landscape, consult with the local nursery to find shrubs and trees that are safe to plant near your foundation. Avoid plants that are considered to have invasive root systems.  The experts can help you design a smart landscape that will be both beautiful and safe for your home.
  6. Clean up brush and debris close to your foundation. This will let the area dry properly.

When your yard is properly cleaned and water is allowed to drain away from your property correctly, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of water seeping into your basement walls and growing mold.  If, however, you see evidence of water damage, then call in the pros.  At Restore Pro, we work fast to repair the water damage and find the source of the leak.  Our mold remediation team takes further action to sanitize and dry out the area.

With quick attention to the issue, your home will be safe from the health hazards that mold and water can cause.  It will be protected from additional damage and you’ll have a healthy home for you and your family.

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