In a perfect world your home is immaculate, your landscape reflects professionalism just shy of being worthy of Disney World, and home disasters are never a thing to worry about.  In reality, it’s a wonder that you make it out the door each day on time for work in matching socks with groggy kids in tow, while half-eaten breakfast dishes clutter the sink, and beds go unmade.

Alright, so that’s a bit extreme.  The fact is the majority of us fall in the middle.  As homeowners, we work hard to keep our home in good condition.  We keep our house clean, somewhat organized, neatly trimmed, and full of love.  Yet, despite all we do, something is always bound to go wrong.  But, that’s okay.  These are little problems that may seem big at the time but what matters most is you and your family’s safety.

At Restore Pro, our goal is to ensure that you and your family are secure and safe.  We handle home disaster cleanup and restoration so you can focus on your life.  The best thing you can do when you notice a problem is to address it immediately.  Prompt attention means a less expensive solution that can be fixed more quickly with minimal effort.  One common call that we often get where time is of the essence is that of household mold.

When a fire occurs, damage from the disaster is not just from the fire itself, but from water used to extinguish the fire, smoke, soot, and mold as well.  Mold starts to grow quickly if the water from a fire or from a leaky pipe is not addressed promptly.  Keep in mind, though, that mold doesn’t need something as significant as a fire or flood to appear.  Hidden mold can be found anywhere where moisture is hiding.

Let’s look at three signs that indicate you may have mold:

  1. Do you have water stains on your walls or ceiling? Rainwater can seep through an old roof and cause mold to grow in your attic and within your exterior walls.  Water from a shower or bathtub may not drain properly and spill onto the ceiling below.
  1. Is your water bill higher than normal? If you have unexplained increases in your water bill, it is likely you have a leak.  Water can drip from the leak undetected for quite a while before you recognize the issue.  Damaged sheetrock, wet carpet, and water marks may help you pinpoint the location.
  1. Do you smell a musty or damp odor? Mold and mildew emit strong smells that quickly alert you to the possibility of mold.  Basements and infrequently used rooms shut off to the rest of the house easily grow mold if the conditions are right and a water problem goes unnoticed.

It’s wise to glance at your water meter from time to time to clue you in to any leaks or hidden problems.  If your faucets, dishwasher, toilets, and washing machine aren’t running but the meter is reporting water usage, then you have a leak within your home.

Call our Mold Remediation experts at Restore Pro to help you mitigate the mold.  We’ll help you locate the source of the mold and make necessary repairs to stop any leak or issue from where the mold originated.  With our help, your mold problem and water issue will be handled expertly and the mold with be eradicated as quickly as possible.

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