Mold growth is a result of mold spores finding the ‘food’ they need to thrive.  The spores circulate everywhere in our environment without growing until they locate the ideal living conditions.  When moisture and humid air can be found, the spores have the perfect living condition to grow.

In your home, mold can grow as a result of a water leak or pipe damage, or sometimes flooding problems.  Often, insurance policies will cover basic water damage claims.  However, these policies don’t usually cover damage from flood waters or ground water problems.  Take the time to review your homeowner’s policy so you know what is covered.

Water damage can be expensive if it isn’t covered and possibly more so if mold becomes an issue.  So, to avoid a hefty bill, we have 5 tips to keep your property safe so you avoid a water and mold problem from the beginning.

  1. Make sure your drains are clear of debris.
    Avoid putting grease and food peels down your disposal in your kitchen and clear hair clogs from drains quickly.  When clogs sit too long the sitting water can damage your pipes and cause a leak or cause your drains to back up into your home.
  2. Watch your water bill for unexpected costs.
    Most water bills are fairly consistent.  When you see a surge in price, or if you see your water meter running when water isn’t in use, you may have a leak.  In some cities, water companies have updated their meters so they can pick up a leak faster than ever and alert you to a problem.
  3. Have a smart landscaping plan.
    A local nursery can help you design a landscaping plan that helps water drain away from your house.  Have them suggest trees and bushes that don’t have invasive roots which could damage any water lines running into your home.
  4. Clear debris from downspouts and gutters.
    Clean gutters let rain water flow away from your home and protect your roof and exterior walls from water damage.  Get in the habit of clearing your gutters seasonally so that water doesn’t seep into your home or damage your foundation.
  5. Use a dehumidifier in the warmer months.
    High humidity can cause water to sit, particularly in basements and bathrooms.  A dehumidifier will remove the moisture from the air so water damage is minimalized and mold growth is stunted.

When you are aware of the causes of mold as well as the potential water problems that could occur in your home, you have a higher chance of preventing a problem.  Our experts at Restore Pro are always available to help in the event that a small issue escalates into a larger one.  Our Mold Remediation team is specialized in handling mold and will work to rid your home of the problem at the source.

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