Minimize Your Losses From Water Damage

Here in the Northeast we’ve seen more than our fair share of rain, and many homes and businesses are in need of water damage repair due to flooded basements or leaking roofs.

Property owners should know that any substantial water exposure to property is an emergency. That’s why RestorePro is a 24/7 licensed and insured business staffed with trained professionals. Here are some water damage tips to help you minimize your losses and restore your life to normal:

Safety first

If flooding has been severe, take these precautions before you start the water damage repair process:

  • Turn your circuit breaker off. If standing water or soggy carpets have made your breaker box inaccessible, stifle the impulse to rescue your belongings until RestorePro can assess the situation.
  • Know the different kinds of water that cause damage. Black water is the term for water from sewer pipes. Flood waters in towns and cities from natural disasters usually contain raw sewage. You should avoid any exposure to black water, and have a water damage repair company like RestorePro handle it. Gray water from washing machines, showers and bathtubs can also contain E. coli and other pathogens, and should be treated with caution. The least hazardous is rainwater, or water from burst pipes carrying potable water.

Water removal

Once you’re your building is safe, time is of the essence. Be mindful that it only takes minutes for water to seep inside walls, and only 24 hours for mold to start growing. RestorePro will save you money in the long term, with our ready manpower and industrial strength water removal and moisture extraction equipment. You can prevent mold colonies from getting established, provided you water damage repair within the first few days after an incident. Once mold spreads, you could be in for a very costly remediation project.

Water damage repair: Discard, sanitize and dry out

Any dry wall or insulation that has been soaked needs to be removed and discarded. If water damage has come from a leaking roof there may still be moisture inside the walls. In such cases, you might need to open a series of holes. RestorePro will advise you of the best method to efficiently dry out and sanitize your space.

Here’s where you’ll need to call fans and dehumidifiers into service. You should have an adequate number of these going for up to a week or longer. Again, RestorePro has plenty of these at the ready, and can advise you on how long it should take. Prop your cushions and spread everything out to keep as much air circulating around as much surface area as possible.

Monitor for mold

Once we are sure the area is dry, we can work with you to continue to monitor your building for mold. RestorePro has the testing equipment and expertise to advise you on your next steps in the water damage repair process.

Emergencies never happen at convenient times. That’s why our insured contractors are available round the clock, 365 days a year. Let RestorePro help you to quickly get you breathing easy again. We have been serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1997. Visit us on Facebook at  or call us anytime at 1-800-847-0114 .